not to do with epilepsy
hula_dancer73 posted:
2 days ago I had oral surgery . my regular dentist did root canal on tooth # 13. however he did NOT get the whole nerve out, so I was still in some psome pain and did not know why. So I was referred to an endo dentist. He was able to see the mess in the tooth and then founf another root that sould have been canaled as well but wasn't.

so he drilled out the the tooth with the the mess in it and re did the root canal in it. tjem did the root canal that should have been done n the first place.

He found a third root by cutting into my jaw and canaling that root.

He numbed the roof of my mouth, all around my tooth and my check

needless to say I am in a lot of pain today and itmay take more than a week because of the cutting along the bottom of the top of my jaw.

however I DID NOT have any szs during the surgery.

It was supposed to take an hr but it took just over 3 hrs to do.

I live on O'ahu in West Honolulu-GO UH Warriors!
dancer86442 responded:
I feel for you Nancy. Hope you heal fast & remain seizure free. Hugs.