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I can't lose anymore teeth!!!
sweetprsammie posted:
I have epilepsy and the past 2 days have been the worst. along with the seizers I am getting panick atacks and clamping down my teeth while I am asleep. I haven't slept in two days. ITS 3:45 at night and I want SLEEP!!!

The doctors gave me Lorazepam and I'm on carbamazepin 300mm

My husband is laying next to me with a belt incase its needed.

Please any idea that would help get me to sleep!
hula_dancer73 responded:
at least you are just breaking teeth which nasty enough. I have broken >arms, wrists, jaws, legs, both ank,es had to be recntstrucved, broken5 root canallse from the clencing,hands etc.

no it is not funny or a joke, all of one her haae boNmething on their bodies at sosprry about that I hope you can figure that out.

I live on O'ahu in West Honolulu-GO UH Warriors!
dancer86442 responded:
There are several Natural drinks that can help you fall asleep. Do some home work if this one doesn't appeal to you.

1 cup Fresh squeezed Orange Juice
1tsp cream of tartar
1tsp Pink Himalayan Salt

Let me know if you can't find other mixtures. Another was made w/ Cherry juice & other ingredients.

Sammie, how long have you been having seizures/panic attacks? How long have you been on your current meds/doses? If it has been longer than 6 weeks on meds, go back to your Neuro ASAP & try Another Med! Preferably 1, not combo. I would like to suggest you read about the various Diets that are used, too. The Ketogenic is used Mainly for children. But there are several others' that May Help! Do you keep a Daily Journal? Please read the info about Journals in our Helpful Hints. If you clik on Phylis site (also in Helpful Hints) you can find more Info about Diets. No need to Join. Use her Search Tool in Menu area.

A Belt?? NO! Never ever put anything in a persons mouth! Our jaws are like a Pit Bulls, during a seizure. You/Hubby are taking a huge risk. You could Hurt him or wind up w/ pieces of the belt in your throat & choke. Proper seizure First Aide: TRUST T: Time the seizure R: remove harmful objects around the person. If in bed that means sheets/pillows/blankets. U: Undo constrictive clothing S: Stay w/ person & speak calmly &/or put on some Soothing music T: Turn on Side. Turning you on your side will prevent you from choking on any excess fluids or bile. Then it's just a matter of waiting for you to finish. It is Best to Rest or Sleep after a seizure. Any non-stop activity that lasts longer than 3-5 minutes: you should go to the ER ASAP! Remember though that some seizures will be back to back. Pause in between. This is Not the same as Non-stop.

I Hope the OJ mixture works for You! Please keep us posted. Any questions/concerns or just wanna vent? Know we are here for You &/or Hubby! Hugs

Love Candi
dancer86442 responded:
Another trick you could Try: Pursed Lip Breathing exercise: Inhale thru nostrils, hold for 10 seconds or as long as possible, exhale thru Pursed lips twice as long as Inhale. Repeat 2-3's OK to whistle during exhale It rids the brain of any toxins & delivers Fresh oxygen to your brain. It does work for Some! Hugs
dancer86442 replied to dancer86442's response:
BTW: the breathing exercise May help control Panic Attacks, too.

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