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photosensitive epilepsy questions
Camthetiger posted:

so for close to 3 weeks ive been feeling this constant slight dizziness it seems to go away slightly when i sleep but its still kinda there its not dizziness to where im going to fall over or anything. it really started to show up when i was searching wikipedia about a episode for some show that supposedly gave people seizures.

so when i see flashes or certain patterns my body feels like its going to seize up and i get this really weird feeling so far i have not had a seizure (knock on wood) but ive felt like ive come close a few time and each time it happened i was on the computer or watching tv and there was flashing and patterns.

from what ive searched on the internet its supposedly photosensitive epilepsy.. a week ago i had a slight headache and it hasent come back since.. ive just been having alot of health anxiety. i keep thinking it could be a brain tumor or somthing serious my dad keeps telling me that its nothing and tells me to basicly walk it off.. im 23 years old and ive never had really any health problems so it worries me.

(i have never had a seizure. im not on any kind of medications or drugs i have never drinked alchohol.)

my questions are:

can a brain tumor cause photosensitive epilepsy?

is it normal to have slight dizzyness for this long?

is photosensitive epilepsy permanent or does it go away after awhile?
dancer86442 responded:
Hello Cam,

First do yourself a Favor & start a Daily Journal! Info in Helpful Hints! No matter what is causing your symptoms, it is best to keep track of when, where, what your symptoms were &, how Long they lasted, too.

The Only way you will Know for Sure if it is a tumor or Something else, is to see a Neuro. But, your first question for whichever DR you choose, should be: Does the Neuro Specialize in Epilepsy?

IF you have a Tumor or Epilepsy, Photosensitive Epi is a possibility. No it is not Normal to experience dizziness for that Long. But, there are lots of reasons for that feeling. Low/High blood sugars, Low/High Blood Pressure are 2 that come to mind. Epilepsy in any shape or Form can be Permanent, unless you are a child. Although some Adults have been able to go off meds after 2-5 yrs & never experience another Episode.

You Know what triggers these Episodes. Personally, I would temporarily avoid use of the Internet/TV or Video games. If symptoms are relieved, then try again, but do Not stay on comp, watch tv or play video games for long. I hope this Helps. If symptoms return even after short term use, then get an anti-glare screen for TV/Comp. Radio Shack will know what you are talking about. Prescription Polarized Sunglasses can Help, too. Hugs

Love Candi

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