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    Seizures not showing up on EEG
    Tibbsw posted:
    My son, now 9, has been having episodes since he was an infant. They occur very rarely, but when they do, it's scary. His episodes are the type where he becomes unresponsive and just stares off into space. Sometimes his eyes will shake. His body turns grey, no fever or anything. The end of the episodes usually consists of him vomiting, then he's back to normal. I'm being told these are seizures, but he's had numerous EEG's, one today even, and nothing ever shows up. The last episode he had was different because it lasted for hours, and he would respond sometimes when we spoke to him. His voice was incoherent and slurred, but still, he responded.

    Any ideas where I should take him next? I'm at a loss for what to do now. I'm thinking go getting a second opinion, but since the EEG was normal, I don't know if it will do any good.

    Thanks for your input.
    dancer86442 responded:
    Good Morning,

    He has what is known as Simple Complex Partials or Absent Seizures. WebMD describes them.

    Insist on a Portable EEG. This will last from 24-72 hrs. Unfortunately EEG's aren't always the Best diagnostic tool. Sometimes the seizures Focal Point (origination) is buried too deep in the brain to record activity. I have had Gran Mals & have noted occasional Absence. Probably more than what I suspect or know about. They can happen & B4 ya blink an eye be gone. All my EEG's have been Normal. The Portable didn't detect my Worst episodes, but, it did detect a Rare Epilepsy Type.

    His last episode sounds like he was having back to back seizures. This is Not uncommon. And yes, seizure activity can affect Speech.

    Definitely seek a 2nd Opinion! Or Third or More! Please visit The link is in our tips &/or resources. You will note in her Menu a List of DRS/epileptolgists (seizure specialists) recommended by others' w/ Seizures. We are not allowed to post names of Drs/hospitals here on WebMD. Also, use the Search Tool to learn more about Diets. There is no need to join to read Any of her articles.

    Helpful Tips: Please read our Journal Info. Suggestion: Try to capture on video your son's episodes. Plus read my replies to Anon/Gwennie.


    Love Candi
    Tibbsw replied to dancer86442's response:
    Thank you so much for responding. I will definitely check those resources and try to find a doctor who will listen.
    dancer86442 replied to Tibbsw's response:
    I just added a new link to that conversation from the University of Maryland. It Should now be in our Resources, also. Scroll down & read about Brain Chemistry. A Common Cause for Absence Seizures.

    Any Neuro you call: First Question: Does this Neuro Specialize in Epilepsy? A Lot of Neuros Don't & have only limited Info.

    Love Candi
    saxofone1 responded:
    Hi Tibb

    Welcome to the site.

    I had many EEGs that showed no signs of epilepsy/seizure activity. At the time of my initial tests, the seizures would play hide-and-seek.

    I have read Candi's post. She has already penned my thoughts. Keep a journal of all his seizure acitivity cause this is always appreciated by as well as helpful to his doctors.

    Has he had a sleep-deprived EEG where he has to stay awake the night prior to the test? Yes, it is a long time to keep someone awake, particularly a child,

    Keep searching for answers and an epileptologist.

    take care,

    hawiian_girl11 responded:
    every tmie I had an EEG I had activity on them all the time but never had a sz during them. I have epilepsy a nd have had since birth but it as not caught until 03.

    I have had portable EEGs sleep-deproved EEGs, Veegs, EGs while awake ets and have had activity on all of them xcept for the last one tha was sone a year ago that one was clean then he just did another one an it came back abnormal again.

    People with out ep can have abnormal EEGs even when they o not have the disodred.

    I wish you the best of everything with all of this and get the answes you need. epilepsy can be tricky,



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