Marijuana & Epilepsy?
An_254087 posted:
I'm twenty years old, and have been diagnosed with epilepsy since I was thirteen. I was put on Tegretol since the beginning (works great, I have no concerns and I want to continue taking this medication) I have a fit about once or twice a year.

I have always wanted to try marijuana and I was just wondering if it will effect my epilepsy or my medication in a negative way?

I only have an interest in trying it ONCE. Please no judgmental comments.
dancer86442 responded:
Did you see our MJ Discussion in Popular Discussions? Believe Me, I do Not Judge! Plus, w/ New Studies I even Would recommend/Advocate for MMJ! I will say this: if you can't tolerate the 'high' there is a New compound out there that you can try. Cannibidoid. New studies have found this to be even better/more effective & may replace Drugs/Anti_seizure Meds for some! Use your Google or Yahoo search for more Info.

My Opinion: MMJ is less likely to affect you negatively. Plus, a Great Sub for Alcohol, which Should Be a Definite NoNo for those on Any Epilepsy Drug!

Do you keep a Daily Journal? I ask all new members to please read the Info in Tips.

Question: Would you be willing to stick Around & give/get more support & Education? We would Love to hear More from you!

Hugs! Love Candi