XylerMarie posted:
my husband has had epilepsy since he was 16...Monday was the 1st seizure he has had in 4 years. it was really bad he bit his tongue really bad, it was swollen to the point he could barley talk, now today is Friday and he still has tingling in his tongue can he have never damage,,,
dancer86442 responded:
Hello Marie,

It takes a while for our tongues to heal or get back to norm. I have bit mine numerous times. I used a Warm salt (Lots of salt) water solution to rinse my mouth, b4 &/or after meals.

I Highly recommend you seek a Neurologist ASAP! Your First question B4 making an appt: Does This DR specialize in Epilepsy? Is your husband on any medications or treatments for Epilepsy?

Hugs Love Candi
saxofone1 responded:
Hi Marie,

As Candi said "ASAP."

When was his last EEG?