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    someone plz help me.
    alymaynard915 posted:
    hello. I was diagnosed with photosynthetic seasures. I had 2 back to back ones when I was younger. they said I would be okay never put me on any medication or anything like that. my 2 seasures I had were rough ones. with comvulsing and foaming. but with photosynthetic seasures u can also have them where you just gaze out and don't react to stimulus. when I had my 2 seasures I began having bad memory loss. well now memory loss has gotten worse to where its hard to even remember my own age sometimes. I gaze out a lot but after I have a seasure I don't remember having one or even feeling one come on... what should I do? I think I may be having them again but I cant remember if I do have them or not...
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello alymaynard,

    Welcome to our Community. The first 2 were convulsions known as gran mal or tonic-clonic. If you don't mind me asking: how old were you? gazing/zoning our is an Absence Seizure. You can have Both! I did/do. Clik on my ID to read my Journey.

    I can remember my Daughters' age, but, gotta think Real Hard about Mine. Then, I Remember! The last # 0n our b'day's is the same. Then I just gotta think: Am I 40 or 60? Honestly, what to do? Get a chalk board or dry erase board. Chalk is cheaper. I have 1 on my fridge. Start a Journal! More Info under Tips.

    Next: Report to a Neurologist, if you suspect you are having absence seizures. You Need tests run, to determine if there is Any seizure activity going on. You may need more than one test, considering your previous history. It is possible, or was in my case, for seizures to go into remission or be unnoticed. Note anytime you feel 'odd' (Learn More at our Epilepsy Health Center) or anyone witnesses one. They can be hard to detect, becuz, some only last seconds. I never recall mine, either. That is Very Common, so I hear. So, tell me: How do you feel After a suspected 'episode'?

    If you Inform someone you trust, about what symptoms to watch for, you would have eyewitnesses &/or you could have them record it, if possible. I know I have 'lost' up to 3 min w/ some of mine. Anything Over 5 minutes, you need to go to the ER.

    Keep asking questions. Keep Learning! Keep us Posted. Know we Care! Hugs!

    Love Candi

    November is Epilepsy Awareness Month! Please Help us & Show Your Support to Raise Awareness! Wear Purple. Shine a Purple Light or string of lights in your yard or business places. Contact your newspaper, radio stations, even the ppl you know or meet. Dispel the Myths! Learn & Inform others' of Proper Seizure First Aid! Raise Awareness of SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death related to Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders.
    alymaynard915 replied to dancer86442's response:
    my first one was when I was 11 or 12. I had first and then right after that one had stopped I went into another one. my husband seen one of them last night. he said I was petting the cat and I just kept staring without blinking. he said he said my name a few times and I didn't answer him. I just kept petting the cat. he said he then picked me up and shook me. when I came to he was upset and kept asking y I had not answered him. I told him that I did not hear him... when I had had my 2 seizures the dr said that they were non epileptic. weiredly enough. I dnt understand. when I had my eoisode last night. when I came to I felt sick to my stomach,dizzy and lightheaded.
    alymaynard915 responded:
    the bad ones was whn I was 11 or 12. eversince I have a bad memory. the dr said theywere non epileptic but tht they were still seizures.he said tht they may go away or they may ease up. I had an episode last night. my husband said I was petting the cat and wldnt respond to his voice. he then said that he shook me and I finally came to. when I came to I felt sick to my stomach, I was dizzy and lightheaded.i do have a service dog also.... but she isn't trained for seizures.
    dancer86442 replied to alymaynard915's response:
    Hello aly,

    You definitely need to see a Neuro ASAP! Please, ask you Hubby to learn Proper seizure First aid. He shouldn't be shaking you. He Needs to remain calm & talk to you calmly or put on some soothing music, until you get back to norm. Write down everything you did yesterday that is noted in Journal Info. Plus, everything Hubby noted & how you felt afterwards.

    It is possible to have both Epilepsy & non-epileptic episodes. But, what your hubby witnessed last nite sounds like the Real thing to me.

    Hugs Love Candi
    November is Epilepsy Awareness Month Wear Purple/Place a Purple light in/on home/businesses. Encourage others' to show Their support
    alymaynard915 replied to dancer86442's response:
    thank you candi. its just all weired... I know I have them all throughout the day. I can feel them come on.. I get this really weired feeling.. then I know I have to sit down or get somewhere safe
    dancer86442 replied to alymaynard915's response:
    It's weird to you, but, not to me. I've learned a Lot from my experiences family members experiences this families experiences, over the yrs.

    At least You can feel them coming on. That is known as an Aura or simple partial. Now, you need to figure out what triggers them. Stress &/or other factors. Since you feel them thruout the day, I would say other factors are involved.

    BTW: Not all dogs can Sense seizures & they cannot be taught to do so. But, your dog has been trained to Respond?? Rite??

    Hope you have a Good Day. Hugs

    Love Candi
    November is Epilepsy Awareness Month Wear Purple/Place a Purple light in/on home/businesses. Encourage others' to show Their support

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