Epileptic or Not?
cheesecakes_mom posted:
My son has had 2 seizures 1 year apart aparantly from dehydration. Does this mean he has epilepsy?
cheesecakes_mom responded:
Sorry..... I got click happy! LOL I don't know how to delete the other 2 duplicate posts. Inexperienced...
dancer86442 responded:
I will send a report to WebMD about the 2 duplicates. We can only Report them. A Moderator will delete them after the report is sent in.

Now, I would like to Welcome you to our Epilepsy Community. Thank You for joining us. May I ask how old you son is?

As for seizures: Rule of thumb is two similar episodes = Epilepsy. Fact: Everyone is born w/ a seizure threshold. PPL w/ High Thresholds are less likely to experience more than one seizure (It is believed that Everyone will experience at least 1 seizure in their lifetime. ) The fact that your son has had 2 episodes makes it more likely that he may experience more. Problem: there is no way of knowing when they will occur. Tomorrow, next month, next yr or yrs from now.

Has he been seen by a Neurologist & had any tests done? An EEG & MRI are necessary to determine seizure disorders. If he has had 2 episodes, please seek a Neuro. But, ask if that Neuro Specializes in Epilepsy! Some Neuros Don't. Or seek an Epileptologist: Seizure specialist w/ 2 yrs of extra schooling about Epilepsy compared to Neuros. You can search for a Neuro here on WebMD or you can visit this site & find out if you have an Epi or Neuro near you that is recommended by others' w/ Epilepsy. http://www.epilepsytalk.com/

Hope this helps. BTW: You mite want to consider starting a Daily Journal. More Info in our Helpful Tips. Second page.

Love Candi
November is Epilepsy Awareness Month Wear Purple/Place a Purple light in/on home/businesses. Encourage others' to show Their support
saxofone1 responded:
Hi cheesecakes,

Welcome to the group. Please keep us updated on your son's progress in regards to additional seizures and any tests he has had.

I wish this young the best. Thanks for looking out for him

We are here for him too so if he has any questions please pass them on to us.