Not sure what to do
An_254382 posted:
Need some advice-been having what I think are seizures for 13 years.No rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes aura sometimes not. I had one eeg done in 2000 and it came back normal. I'm tired of living life having 0-3 "seizures" a week. Not on any meds. Scared about losing job. Any thoughts?
dancer86442 responded:

Welcome to our Epilepsy Community. What kind of seizures do you have? Besides the Auras. Do you keep a Daily Journal? (More Info in our Tips)

You will need another EEG done. The last test may have come up negative for 2 reasons: 1. the focal point or where seizure originates may be too deep in the brain to detect w/ a regular EEG. 2. You don't have Epilepsy, you may have what is known as NES, Non-epileptic seizures (look/feel just like Epilepsy, but, electrical activity in the brain doesn't cause them. Stress Does! And these need to be treated. By a Neuro Psychologist) I would suggest a portable EEG, this time. Or a Video EEG. That is up to your DR/Neuro/epileptologist (seizure specialist). You can visit this site to find DRS recommended by others' w/ Epilepsy.

You can find Info about Diets for Epilepsy on her page, too. No need to join to read articles. Only if you have questions/comments.

Hope this helps. Hope you will keep us posted. Hugs!

Love Candi
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