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Epilepsy and Lupus
Anon_35109 posted:
Can epilepsy be misdiagnosed as lupus? I have been diagnosed with lupus in the past, around 10 years ago. Nothing has shown up since then in any tests concerning Lupus. The seizures have remained and anti-epileptic medication does seem to help stop some of them. Several neurologists agree that I do have epilepsy. I have only one kidney, was born that way, so some tests they aren't able to do. That's why the possibility of the misdiagnosis lingers in my mind.
dancer86442 responded:
Actually Lupus can be responsible for Seizure activity. Please visit the WebMD Lupus Health Center for more Info. Use the Search Tool at top by WebMD Logo. But, yes, there is Always a possibility of being misdiagnosed w/ other Issues that may cause seizure activity & That, Confuses our DRS.

If your meds only stop some of them, then it is Not the Rite med/dose. Or else your Kidney's may not be metabolizing your meds properly. A simple blood test can be done to check Levels. Check into some alternatives that may help you achieve control. Do you keep a Daily Journal? Please read the Info in our Helpful Hints. If you have more questions or just want a place to come to where others' will listen, please feel free to visit Any Time! Hugs!

Love Candi
March 26 Epilepsy Awareness Day Advocate
gatorclaw replied to dancer86442's response:
I have not experienced the other symptoms they describe that is associated with lupus, only seizures. They were also able to see my seizures on the EEG. We are still in the process of adjusting medication, but so far Vimpat does seem to be helping.
gatorclaw replied to gatorclaw's response:
Oh, I also forgot to mention the first neurologist I saw diagnosed me with complex partial seizures based on the EVE. The neurologist at Yale determined the seizures were coming from between the left temporal lobe and partial lobe. If that helps.
dancer86442 replied to gatorclaw's response:
DRS really need to be educated, sometimes. It is not unheard of to have seizures/Epilepsy diagnosed as another disorder. This is why I encourage you to keep asking questions & Keep Learning all you can. You know your system Best.

You definitely have Seizures/Epilepsy. I went thru your Old conversations &, everything you have related is Epilepsy related. Your tests even Prove it.

I'm glad to hear the Vimpat is helping, Here is hoping you become seizure free when the adjustments to your meds are final.

May I ask why the first post was ANON? You have been w/ us for over 4 yrs. Lots of Hugs & Happy Valentines Day. Fact: St. Valentine/cupid is considered the Patron of Epilepsy.

Love Candi
March 26 Epilepsy Awareness Day Advocate
hawiian_girl11 responded:

I only know 2 people in my whole life that have lupus.

One is the father of my best friend who moved to WI from PHX 2 years ago. he does not have szs or epilepsy.

The other one is a female friend of mine frome here in Hawaii and nshe has lupus and epilepsy together.

can not be misdiiagnosesd .2 toqttlqy different disorderes.

NOT a doc RN though SO I can not dx osmoen I can only give suggestions. but they are two different disordres.

Anon_35109 replied to dancer86442's response:
Things have changed over time with regards to spelling, reading, understanding and memory. Even family has noticed that what I mentioned already have gotten worse. These issues make life more challenging. I get confused easily, and unsteady when walking. I'm obviously inconsistent when posting how I prefer to be posted as. Please don't be offended, I'm not trying to upset anyone, I just don't remember how I signed out. Oh, thank goodness for help from the computer with spelling.
farooqnehalmalghnai responded:
I m not a doctor but I have also have this same problem but I have both kidney, I am also using medicines but medicines cant control the epilepsy, now I m using lemotrigine and ox carbmazpine but little bit in control. now I have mind pouf for few seconds 1 or more times almost daily?/ what I use now I cant know.
dancer86442 replied to Anon_35109's response:
I apologize for not replying sooner. Gatorclaw, Suggestion: Get a Small tablet & write down ID & Password to any groups sites that require them. Keep it near your comp! Plus, if you check the box 'keep me signed in on this comp'. & then save as favorite after logging in, most times you do not have to log-in again. Although occasionally for some reason I still get asked to log-in. But, it's not as often & I have noted on those occasions that the box is not checked.

Some of the Issues you are having May be due to your medication. A Lot of PPL swear it is Epilepsy, But, others' have changed meds & have noted Improvements in memory, reading, spelling, etc. I Think Vimpat is one of those meds. But, meds affect each of us differently, so, I can't say for sure, IF that is the Issue for you.

Here is Hoping the Vimpat gets your seizures under control. But, ask your Pharmacist about Vimpat & the problems you are experiencing

Love Candi
March 26 Epilepsy Awareness Day Advocate

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