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    Good Article on TBI in GH
    hootyowl2 posted:
    I got the current issue in the mail yesterday, and saw this article. I had seen the headline on their website, but had not read it until last night. I always just figured nothing could be done about blows to one's head and the possible injuries, especially if you had not even seen the doctor for them. I did "see" my doctor about the broken nose because we attended the same church. I told him what happened, and he saw my shiners, and said, "Yep. You broke your nose." I just figured there was nothing more could be done about it since it was one of the bones behind the bridge and not the bridge part that was broken. Besides, if you mess around back in there, that can kill you. He was an old time country doctor, and a very good one.

    There are some good links for information and help with traumatic brain injuries in the article. I saved all of them.

    I will be checking them out today I hope. We have an ice storm in progress, so I don't think I will be doing very much outdoors today.

    Candi, I had wanted to post something awhile back, but I cant remember what it was other than something to do with and how it is not as good as he led people to believe. Things got kind of busy here, and my memory is sometimes faulty.

    I have had a lot of falls over the years, and some of them involved severe blows to my head. In one, I had fainted and hit my head on the cement step to our bathroom and was out for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. My husband did not keep track and we were young and did not know to get medical care. I came to back in my own bed, so we thought I was "okay". Then there was the broken nose. The blanket chest lid fell onto the bridge of my nose.. Anyhow, I have had a lot of blows to my head.

    I thought these websites might be useful for someone here, or even many here?


    ps, for some reason I am up early and cant sleep. ?
    dancer86442 responded:
    My inner clock has woke me at 1AM for 2 nites in a row. Usually lets me sleep till 3am, at least. WebMD posted some Obama care assistance program. I am Thankful Hubby is covered by the Federal Government. As long as we use their Provider we are Fine w/ Insurance.

    Suggestion/Hint, hint: Good articles that have good info need to be placed in our resources. I know the ninds.nih.... site is already posted in the Weblinks for Epilepsy Topic/conversation. I tried to get a moderator to clean that up> Remove remarks/questions, but that was too much work. Now, we have no moderator. We are just to small a group to need one.

    I don't recall hurting myself. My Daughter recalls the day a gentleman got angry & thru me against a wall. My 1st adult seizure, followed. 2nd time I don't recall anything until I awke on the bathroom floor at 5am. I Think I hit my head on exposed pipes or tub. Required stitches under my eyebrow. Who know there was soo much blood in that area. My face & hands were covered. I still recall That. from Over 30 yrs ago.

    It ain't just women who need to know this. Think of all the Military men returning. There have been some articles about that. Plus, even more articles, even on TV, about head injuries in sports. Especially since that Football Coach revealed his status.

    I'm Glad such a Popular Magazine is sharing much needed Info. And you did good Sharing it w/ us! HUGS!

    Love Candi
    March 26 Epilepsy Awareness Day Advocate
    hawiian_girl11 responded:
    Hi Hooty,

    I have had several blows to my head. From GMs and Drop Attacks. Now I am experiencing the Drop Attacks again. I fell backwards into my dresser so hard that it moved it back 3 inches and I bruied my back all over and hit my head on it as well. And I have wiped out several times since then.

    IN Dec of 02 I hit a tree head-on and hit my head on the steering wheel because the seatbealt broke at the top and I took a goo blow and I had really severe whip lash, broke my collar bone abd my ankle and had other injuries as well. I was taken to the nearest horpital and treated and sent home with my RN friend and was held out of work and college for 3 weeks and then had a f/u. My friend kep wathing me every 2 hrs and I was confused most of the night and neither one of us got any sleep. By the middle of the afternoon I started getting so I knew where I was and that kind of thing. My husband was already gone so he could not be there to help.

    I have had a lot of head blows and concussions thru the years.

    I wear a helmet now so my head can't take that anymore.

    I have also broke a lot of bones as well.

    teeth, arms, dislocated shoulders, wrists, split my head open and had to have it stiched up, hands, nose,ankles.

    I hit my head on my dresser and then went in to a T/C. I have Complex Partial szs, but have the Atonics in the last 2.5 weeks for some reason. I have had them before when I was really sick.


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