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djones2014 posted:
I have a 30 year old daughter that has been having seizures for a couple years, after having the gastric bypass surgery, she have no warning signs and for the second has busted her head open needing stitches. She have a 9 year old to live for and its so heart taking. All kinds of tests have been completed all coming back find, but there has to be a cause for the seizures.....Please help heartbroken mom.
hawiian_girl11 responded:

A lot of times there is no cause found.
That is then said that the epilepsy is Idiopathic meaning of no known origin/etiology.

I have NO idea if there is a connection between the bypass and szs. I Would have to do some searching to find out or ask Candi.

I Have a child as well but she just turend 18 and she has epilepsy as I do as well. She has Tonic/Clonics and also has no warnings either. I have had Drop Attacks and have falled nad broken body parts as well. But have had T/Cs that have broken me up as well that have odoccure after the inittal sz. I have broken teeth, wrists, arms, jaw, splt open my head on furoture , broken ankles mutilplle times, and so on.

I have had epilepsy all my life but tjid is a long story so Will not get into that, It was docu,emted in 2003 and I was dxd wit Complex partial szs thus resulting in many meds trials or combo trials and I am on a 3 drug combo currently soon to be 4. plus a VNS and that is because I was so bad I was given no choice and I Do get warnings so I can use the device,

GOod luck to her and you.

dancer86442 responded:
Hello djones,

Nancy is rite. About 65% of ppl w/ Epilepsy have no known cause. Best we can do in this situation is to focus on Control. Is she on any medications? Her neuro may need to up the dose or change meds. She, also, has the option of 'alternatives'. ie: Diet, neurofeedback, chiropractic & Now depending on what State she lives in Medical Marijauna. Please do some Homework about these options.

Does your daughter keep a Daily Journal? This can be a very powerful tool for her & Drs. More Info in our Helpful Tips.

All my tests came back fine, too. But, I still had seizures & it took 10 yrs of 'trial & error' on various meds/doses to find a med that worked for me.

Please, ask your daughter to join us if she has more questions. If she or You, has a Facebook acct, there are Lots of Epilepsy Groups w/ Support & Info to offer, too. has a lot of books, too. For All Ages! I suggest you write down books/authors you are interested in & take the list to your Local Library. Ask for a Research Librarian. Their Job is to help you locate books & borrow from other libraries if no books are available at your Library. Treating Epilepsy Naturally by Pat Murphy has been recommended for over 20 yrs.

Please keep us updated. Know we care. Hugs

Love Candi
March 26 Epilepsy Awareness Day Advocate

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