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confused about seizures
cdking posted:
In December 2012, I had a grand mal seizure, while shopping alone( ended up in emergency room, and had all the testing e.g.. EEG's and MRI's. and 6 months without driving). Everything came back normal and have been back to driving now since June 2013.

Now I have a few question that you may or may not be able to answer, but I have to ask someone.

In December 2013, just a few months ago I was working out with my husband and I got the same flashing light feeling I had before my seizure. I did not have a seizure just had vision distortion for about a 1/2 hour and then a pounding headache. This happen twice then I decided to stop working out ( I did tell my family doctor he said it was nothing).

This was all good, till this Sunday, we were finished cleaning up dinner and the flashing lights happened again and distorted vision ending with a pounding headache.

People keep telling me these episodes are the same as they get with migraines, but i have had migraines and these are bad headaches but not migraines.

Are these seizures, migraines or what?
Any suggestions would be helpfull!
hawiian_girl11 responded:

You are having what are refered to as scotomas spelled wrong but they occur just before a Migraines hits,

I have intractable Migraines and am getting specific treatments from several doctors about to be just one

Yes they can be very annoying but that his probably what it is especially since you followed up with the word headache.

I am not a doc so I can not dx anyone on here. I am an RN who has since retired due to my own szs. I can only offer suggestions and answers based on what I know from what I have done and my own experiences with the disorder.

Try asking your doc for something called Initrex pills or shots and see if he will look into that if your headaches are that bad. I take it and it takes the headaches away with in 30 minutes for the pills and 10-15 for the shot form

I am going to try for the first time Botox for my Migraines on the 28th and see how that goes. Mine are so bad and nothing has helped that much that they have now resorted to this. It is a last ditch effort and if it works it will be a treatment every 3 months. and boy do I need it to work, I am sick of living in pain since 95 after sufferering from Meningitis and Encephalitis together at the same time, so a 19 yr hx of this nonsense and it is getting old, so I can fell for you.


dancer86442 responded:
You have had 1 seizure & migraines/headaches are 'kissing cousins' or co-morbid w/ Seizures/Epilepsy. Family docs don't know anything about it! I suggest you get a referral to another neurologist. Those who experience seizures Should be tested once a yr, to make sure everything is Still OK. A Normal EEG is not Uncommon. 2 possibilities: Seizure Focal point (origin of seizure) is buried too deep in the brain to detect or No activity is present at the time of the test. Normal MRI is Good. No lesions, cysts or abnormalities noted. Please read Journal Info in Helpful Tips & start 1 Today!

Hope this Helps. Love Candi
March 26 Epilepsy Awareness Day Advocate

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