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help what do I do?!
hawiian_girl11 posted:

Same title as a different post but a clearly different topic.

THis VNS doc that I have that I have a consultation with on August 5th is over the top scary.

I do not know what to do in t his situation.

FIrst I have to fill out paper work to send in and he is very inappropriate with a few questions.

He is very invasive asking very private subject matter to women. He asks a series of questions like last menstrual period and last pap smear. Since when do those 2 things have to do with VNS replacement?!, Then he has this contract about anykind of controlled substances.

I take various ones for various problems by several docs who are watching it by way of gov programs that are contracts fot long term chronic pain. I take Percocet for my severe TMJ pain and Migraines as well as Fioricet and that has Butalbutal and Codeine in it one is a controlled substance and the other one is a barbiturate something else not allowed to take, then I have the Fycompa which is also a controlled substance and I HAVE to take that.

Once the VNS has been replaced I can no longer accept drugs from other docs except if I was admitted to the hospital. So I can not fill RXs for my wrist when that has surgery or anything else. SO I have to live in pain due to him. IF I violate any of that or his other stupid rules he will call up the pharmacy and have them pull up the drugs I take and look for the controlled substances and then report me to the local facilities, medical facilities, hospitals, pharmacies, and authorities, preventing me from ever taking them again from anyone.

He is going to make it dead hard for me to live after the VNS is replaced to only get my pain meds from that facility and their repensitives and NO ONE else.

What am I supposed to do? Suffer from surgical pain from wrist surgery? Suffer from severe pain from TMJ? etc

The ankle will be done with before then hopefully.

what do I do.


dancer86442 responded:

He does not want to be held responsible (Being your New doc, yes he would be held accountable) for you taking meds he did not or does not Want to prescribe! As for asking about 'personal' matters. It's called 'taking your History'. He has a rite to hear it from You. I know it is already info that is available in your other Drs charts, but, Still, each doc likes to hear it Personally from You! Doesn't matter if it don't relate to VNS. It relates to your Personal Medical History! A Good Dr Asks these questions!

So, next visit, ask Him! What will he prescribe/recommend for your other Issues. As for your seizure med, I doubt if he will change that.

I don't find any of his rules or questions 'out of line'. I'd be worried if he Didn't ask questions! As for his contract: His contract is just his way of avoiding any future Lawsuits. It may be required by his own Private Insurance Company. So Chill & Ask Him your questions! If you don't like his answers, which should be the same as mine. I guess all you can do is search for another doc.

Love Candi
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hawiian_girl11 responded:
hi candi,

I talked to my mom about this and she said it was un called for and so did the rep. Those 2 questions did not belong in there and are not part of any HX.

I can not trust this doc any futher than I can throw him and I can't even pick him up.

I am already uncomfortable with it and him and we are going to go to Tucson for this.

just thought I would up date you on that.

hawiian_girl11 responded:
Aloha CAndi.

I do not have to worry about that VNS doc with his dorky medicine contract stuff.

I am under another Government Opioid Contract with my TMJ doc being treated for chronic jaw pain now for 6 yrs and just renewed it.

I can not accept any meds from him, while under the contract I have with this other doc.

I was given permission to get pain meds from the VNS doc when he does the re-implantation but it can only be added to what I am already being given. Not separately.

We got a copy of that contract to take with us to show him so he can see it so he knows what we are up against.

I can not go by his contract because of the other one I am under.

that lightens things up some.

THe other 2 questions I can give him the one but the other one my mom will NOT let me answer. She feels as well as I that one it is NOT his business and two it does not have ANYTHING to do with the VNS and does not create a history of any type. THey are not building a hx, brecausae I talked to them and they will build one after Iam there and get other info from me.

I have a one hr consultation about it and in tha ttime he will create a hx and will get the other files from my other doc that did it the ffirst time and the second time.

just updating you.


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