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pre seizure symptoms
kayceejoe posted:
I'm new to the eplipesy suport group, but have been wondering about something.

Have any of you ever had a strange smell (it reminds me of a chemically/film developing smell) along with "wetting" episodes? I get these smells (even wakes me out of a sound sleep @ times) every once & awhle.

I've mentioned this to my neurologist , but she doesn't seem to care one way or the other. This is doctor #4 I'm speaking about. THe only thing I know to do is to more or less accept that it's happened (not that I can do anything about it), change the bedding etc.

If this has happened to anyone, what do you/your doctor do about it?

dancer86442 responded:
Hello kayceejoe,

I get the strange smells. It's a form of seizure, hon. Since my "episodes" are few & far between, I "ignore" them. Here's a site. Do your homework.

The Bed wetting, yes, it, could be EP related, too. I suggest you start taking note of these "episodes." But, you should see a "specialist" (ask your family DR for ref) & get other "possible causes" ruled out.

That's what I would do. That & start wearing DEPENDS to bed. You mentioned in another post that you take Xanax. Possible cause of loss of bladder control???? Maybe! Do some MORE homework! Use the weblinks site above for drug interactions/info. It helps to have "knowledge" when dealing w/ these "dang" DRs. But, if he/she doesn't "care", MOVE ON. Time for DR # 5. We call this "the DR/med merrygoround" for a good reason. If there is no DR # 5, then, keep learning everything about your EP & medications. Use your journal. Take it w/ you. You are your own best advocate. Don't settle for "don't care." If you feel a symptom/side effect is more then just annoying INSIST on tests, treatments.

God Bless

Love Candi & family
smiles60540 responded:
Hi kayceejoe,

My daughter doesn't experience a strange smell or wetting episodes but through the research I've done regarding epilepsy, what you are experiencing is not uncommon. Your doctor sounds like my daughter's first neurologist - I'd mention things she was experiencing and he'd look at me like I was crazy. Also, he'd just shrug as if to say, "who cares" and never gave me any advice as to what was going on. Now after being a part of this support group, I have discovered she was experiencing auras.

Tammy78660 responded:

What you are experiencing is normal for a sz. And yes... neuros are like that. Those are auras. My daughter woke up this morning not feeling right. Could be an aura for her, or means that she had a sz last night cuz she was sore and very tired. She doesn't get the smells or the wetting, only strange feelings.


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