I joined a stroke support group......Yeahh
Cindigal posted:
I joined a stroke support group and I am so glad that I did. I look forward for every single time I get to meet with the members of such a wonderful group. At my first encounter, I met with several people in the group. I felt at home the minute I arrived till I left. Today we had a car wash at a local car dealership. What a blast it was..!!. There was girl scouts that did the washing of the cars, people from our group LSSN passing out leaflets. There was a radio station there promoting Lincolnland Stroke Support Network. Soo....if you know anyone that suffered a stroke and would like to join a wonderful group, I highly recommend this support group. I can't wait for upcoming events. There will a picnic on July 3rd and I have so many ideas on what to bring as far as food.


dancer86442 responded:
Hi Cindigal,

It's been awhile. I'm happy to see you, again. Very Happy :) :) That you have found a great group of ppl. :) And why limit your culinary skills to July 3rd? A very good way for groups to bond is to have each person bring their fav dish. Each week/mth, schedule a day/time when it's convenient for everyone/anyone who wants to/likes to bake, grill, fry or cook. Be sure to have some good music on to go w/ the meals. :)

For those who can't get to Cindi's gala, welll, consider your own. Surround yourself w/ friends or find a Support Group in your area & make New friends. :)

BTW: to add a link use icons above reply box. I like the way you made your letters bold. :) I can do that too. :)

Thank You for sharing. Lots of Hugs & have a fun/safe 3rd & 4th.

Love Candi

P.S. Try to join us occasionally. Miss you, :) HUGS
Cindigal replied to dancer86442's response:
Thanks so much for the reply Candy. I miss posting, i been browsing for groups. Went bowling last night with the group, it was a blast. I tell you, i love to laugh and the guy that picks me up is a hoot. He says the funniest things and he cracks up everyone. I wish more people could join the group is a wonderful experience. As far as food, they are putting a sign-up sheet so that people can list what they are bringing to the picnic. I have not decided. I have many ideas to bring, I am good at several kinds of salads. My favorites are: Fruit salad; Broccoli; Pasta Salad, Taco Salad. Whatever is easier i will make.. I am still figure out to make those smileys you do. One of these days.

dancer86442 replied to Cindigal's response:
Hi Cindi,

Ever try sour cream, instead of whipped w/ your fruit salad? Hubby introduced me to that 'trick' a few yrs ago. YUMMMY! The fruit actually sweetens the sour cream. :)

Smiley face :) Press Caps Lock, Then : Located next to L, then follow w/ (do not use space bar) ) or ( Only 2 I know (Can always remember anyway) :( :)

Another on-line group w/ support/info for Any disorder/disease


Glad you & your group are having such a great time together. It can only get better. Rite? :)

Lots of Love & Hugs to you & yours & your new 'extended family'. I know I would enjoy the company of 'good ppl' & Great Food & fun. :) HUGS!

Love Candi