Taking epilepsy medication properly
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
Here's an action set with lots of information.

Anyone have anything to add? Do you have "tips or tricks" to make taking medication easier?

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dancer86442 responded:
It takes Time for med taking to become a Habit. Just don't get discouraged.

I suggest a daily/weekly pill box/organizer & a Timer (ie: cell phone, watch alarm, etc) even if you Do take them w/everyday regular activities. At least, until the Habit is Ingrained in the Brain. After 30 yrs of pill popping my brain actually tells Me it's Time. W/out even looking at the clock. It always amazes me when I look at the clock & sure enough; It's Time for another dose. I take meds 3X a day. I think my afternoon Vitamins are the Hardest to remember. But, ain't been doing that, as long as I have my Pheno's. But, All Good Things Happen w/ Time & Patience!

If you don't like the one's in the drug store, I found one on EBay that looks like a small book w/ a 7 day supply, w/ Morn, noon, evening written on each Day Box. Load once a week & you are good to go, Anywhere.

Love Candi