Legal Transportation for PPL w/ EP
Anon_1170 posted:
Electric Bikes, Scooters and other Light Electric Vehicles (LEV)

I was informed on another site that these are perfectly Legal for Us to operate. Just be sure to wear a Helmet & Maybe other Protective Gear. ie: Knee/elbow protection. I wouldn't suggest riding one, if you have Absence seizures. Unless controlled. :)
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hawiian_girl11 responded:
it would be tough for me to try the eltical stuuff because of my high powered magnet,

IT WULD WOULS MESS IT UP TIME.sorry i had the cap lock on and did not know it.



dancer86442 replied to hawiian_girl11's response:
Nancy, I seriously doubt these electrical vehicles would mess w/ your battery. Do your kitchen appliances interfere w/ it? Since you have to unplug the LEV, once charged, That should be no problem. Only problem I can see is if the Magnet came in direct contact w/ the Battery on the LEV. :) Ask Your DR! :)

Love Candi