Weird Epilepsy Triggers
dancer86442 posted:
If you have a Trigger that ain't listed, Please, share. If you have a trigger that is listed & would like to post your Input/experience, Please Do. HUGS!

Love Candi & Kudos to Phylis, Once Again. Thank You Phylis
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hawiian_girl_73 responded:
I have a strange trgger.

Anything fake strawberry. My kid likes to burn strwaberyy candles or chel the gum or eat the twizzlers and if I gfet a whiff of it especially the candle i will go into a tail-spin.

dancer86442 replied to hawiian_girl_73's response:
Hi Nancy,

Not so Strange. Just Weird. Odors (even subtle odors) & perfumes are mentioned. I don't wear perfume to my DRS office out of courtesy for other patients.

I have No Clue what my Triggers were. Weird or Not. It's been a Long time since any activity. Knock on Wood.

Love Candi
ktexas1026 responded:
I am still figuring out my personal triggers, since I'm a "newbie". But one that I'm pretty sure is a trigger, & have found very few (and random) articles on this being a trigger for some... is pain medication...opiods, specifically. I have degenerative disc/joint disease (since I was a teenager) & noticed that when I take the fast-acting meds, I "lose time". I decided to google it, & found that for SOME people, it can lower the seizure threshold... so it made sense.
dancer86442 replied to ktexas1026's response:
Hi Kim,

Whoohoo You did some homework about your meds. . Something our Drs seem to neglect at times. Been there, done that. Keep up w/ your Journal & you may find Other Triggers.


Love Candi