I need some medical advice concerning the seizure I just had
ewolfe314 posted:
I had a brain tumor removed in 1988 and I suffer from Grand Mal seizures on occasion. I take my meds,phenobarbital and phenotyoin daily as prescribed. Just 6 days ago I suffered 1 of the worst seizures ever where as I lost all feeling on my entire left side. I could'nt move my left toes or my entire left arm. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and right to the emergency room. To me they were taking this as a Stroke. I have never had 1 this bad and its my first one in 2 to 3 years. So my main question is, Can I lose all feeling on 1 side of my body for 1 complete day from a seizure? Or Was this indeed some sort of mini stroke that Occured? On the 2nd day in the hospital ,I regained all my feeling and was released on day 4. I had a ct scan ,mri scan,eeg test ,blood work done and urine samples. What exactly happened to me?
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dancer86442 responded:
Hello ewolfe, Please, can you post this using use the Start Discussion Tab above posts? That way you are sure to get more replies. I almost missed your post, cuz Helpful Tips ain't always included in 'Discussions'. Tips & Resources aren't for questions??? They should/need to be reserved for helpful resources. So, please try again. I will be waiting to answer you. I do hope you don't think the message is 'rude'.

Love Candi
ewolfe314 replied to dancer86442's response:

I can not find what you are saying. And no I do not take message as rude. thanks