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Red Spots on Head of Penis
yrman2npkb posted:
3 years ago I noticed a red spot on my penis, looked like a burnt spot on the head. I ignored it thinking it was an allergic reaction to laundry detergent. Since then, it's cleared up on the original spot and moved to the back and both sides of the head of my penis. The areas are really red, smooth (not textured like the head normally is), they scab over after a few days. When removing the scab, it's like before, really red and really shinny smooth. My doctor thought it was a male yeast infection, and put me on a creme. It did no good, so then placed me on a hydrocortizone helps a little, but it never ever goes away. If I receive oral sex or masturbate using any lube it's four times worse the next day and seems to keep getting worse. I've tried jock ich creme, athletes foot creme, neosporin, all kinds of lotions, what is this? and what can I do to get rid of it? Any suggestions will be taken seriously. My sex life has been non-existant for the past 2 years.
confused293 responded:
Im certainly not a doc, but you should get tested for stds, and spedifically herpes, if you dont ask they wont test for it (IGG test, again ask for it specifically) I had/have similar symptoms, and luckily i was negative for herpes, but based off what I read, it is a possibility, as u can go years between or without an outbreak. but the only way to get peace of mind is by testing best of luck
tftobin responded:
I'd see a dermatologist. It could be psoriasis or eczema, as well as the other things listed.
counterso responded:
You may also have a fungal infection, but you need to really have supervised treatment, not just over the counter junk. Go to a dermatologist, not necessarily a urologist.
yrman2npkb responded:
Thanks to everyone that gave advice. Great help! I think the worst part then having the problem that I have, is that the dermatologist I saw gave me the hydrocorditzone creme that doesn't really work. I failed to mention there is no bumps, or oozing, the skin is just fire red and a clear scab forms over the entire red area and then flakes off later on, then starts over a few days later. It's moved around the head several times. No scaring has occured thank god! I will see my dermatologist again, I truly dont believe it's an STD or he would have caught that I believe.. Thanks guys.
hellother responded:
Have you found out what this is??? I have the exact same thing. It started out very small but has grown to the size of a nickel. I have vitilgo - the pigment loss thing - so I thought maybe it was related to that. Please let me know what you found out.

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So I have been having this trouble since i was about 15. Im 30 now. I must say this is NOT a UTI or STD. I wish I knew why it happens but I ... More
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