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Injecting alcohol into testicles
sidney9436 posted:
I have a few people I know online that wanted to reduce their testosterone

They went to doctors for help and were turned down

Now they are injecting alcohol into the testicles to kill them..this cannot be healthy....some have had success and when examined by a urologist what was left of the testicles was removed during surgery

Why is it so difficult to get a orchiectomy without damaging the testicles first
Eugenio311 responded:
Doctors are not into doing orchiectomies unless there is some serious pathology, generally cancer.

Anyone who would inject alcohol into their testes needs psychiatric help.
Tanarkus responded:
Any reputable doctor would not castrate someone (or remove any healthy tissue) without a valid medical reason. Simply wanting it does not qualify.
sidney9436 responded:
plastic surgeons remove healthy tissue all the time

foreskins are removed routinely that not healthy tissue

a women can have her breasts or uterus remove to prevent future risk of cancer

a mans testicles can never be removed..because they are testicles and there is a stigma attached to testicles
sidney9436 responded:
would it not make more sense to remove the testicles of men desperate to have it done than.....have them resort to dangerous tries to remove themselves

these men injecting the testicles end up having a urologist removing the mess anyway
sidney9436 responded:
there only needs to be one doctor to do this

these men are so desperate they will travel all the way across the country to get it done

there was a urologist till recently ..he retired there is nobody
FCL responded:
Would it not be easier to get treatment or therapy to learn to deal with the reasons they want to castrate themselves rather than just mutilate their bodies?

These people need help ...
rick922 replied to FCL's response:
You don't know what desperation is to get rid of those hormones, you simply don't know what it is like...
MyBodyMyChoice1966 replied to FCL's response:
I know this is an old thread but I had to reply. Why do you people think because you don't agree with something doesn't make the other person "A nut" or "Crazy". Why the heck do you smoke cigarettes? Are you Crazy? Yes you should see a psychologist because you're crazy for smoking.

MarcyThomas7268 replied to MyBodyMyChoice1966's response:
I agree. Doctors should also treat patients with gender equality instead of denying men or transsexual women an orchiectomy, but giving transsexual men or women an ovariectomy at the drop of a hat.
georgiagail replied to MarcyThomas7268's response:
Ovariectomies at a "the drop of a hat"? You seriously believe this?

james00 responded:
Hello everyone, I don't usually get to make comments about this subject as a main rule that it can get some people I know into should we say trouble.
I am without testicles over eight years now.
I often read many comments on chat rooms and boards rarely will I reply, in fact if you have noticed you rarely get to hear from men like me, It seems so funny using that term men! I really don't know how to address myself to what society some use the characterization "eunuch" I hate this word with a passion.
So let's just go on from here.
There are many that do perform castration some of these Doctors are what you would call well not your normal line of practitioners
Like veterinary Doc's.
But most are found in the wonderful world of Tattoos In this world incorporates the world of BMS and there one can find cutters.
For less then five bills one can get their jewels extracted some are what one would call less than acceptable.
I learned all this the hard way I didn't know any better so I chose banding.
Easy to do one man operation (emphases on the word man) here
They told me from what I read that it would take a few hours and they would die, my testicles that is, however it did take more than six hours painful hours. I'll spear you the gory details.
Two weeks yup two weeks later it was at its healing point.
Mentally though I was going through big changes depression body changes.
So what is this all about? FREEDOM the feeling I get is just awesome no other words can explain it.
There is not a need for sex, if I want to have sex well I don't want it I can though, my doctor says he can prescribe testosterone by way of patch or by injections.
But see the point is there is no need for the need!
You know chaz bono said it best when she was taking testosterone injections the need for sex is so great I never realized how much pressure the human male endures to have sex.
I can't explain it any better than she did, or he did
It is a newer and better world.
Most so called men that have these procedures that I have met travel to Thailand or to the east coast.
It is a very quite world and not many want to say anything about it. There are some things people should know and some should not.
And on that note I'll leave.

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