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Slow Urination Start
LastPriority posted:
Hello, I'm 18 years old and I have been having problems trying to start my urination. It has been most noticeably prevalent for almost a year now. When I feel that I have to urinate, I go to the restroom and unlike before, I am standing there next to the toilet for more than a few seconds, sometimes more than a couple minutes trying to get my urination going. Though I have no other symptoms like pain or irritation trying to start my urination. Once my urination has started going, I also have no problems like discomfort, pain, or having to stop my urination. I can recall that in the past, I was able to start my urination in a matter of a few seconds, with no problems. I am worried about this and that it might be a problem, but I am unsure what it could possibly be. Additional Info: I rarely drink any soft drinks or any high glucose leveled drinks. I mostly drink water, milk, orange juice and tea.
LastPriority responded:
please can anyone help me? this is a serious question.. any advice besides going to the doctor or urologist??
counterso responded:
It's called hesitancy. It's unusual for someone your age, because in many instances, it's related to an enlarged prostate, which doesn't usually occur in young men. The other type of cause is usually called "shy bladder" meaning you can't get it started when anyone else is around, but that's not what you described. Sorry, I have to suggest that you get a urodynamics check from a urologist to see that everything is operating properly. You can always try and see if sitting down to urinate helps the flow get started more quickly. If that's the case, then you may have some weak pelvic floor muscles that are not triggering correctly to help you pee. That can be corrected with physical therapy (exercises).
LastPriority responded:
I know eventually I would probably have to see a urologist... thank you for replying though counterso, i just needed some answers. The only problem I just didn't want to hear about going the urologist was that I had some bad experiences with my urologist. I heard about 'shy bladder' before after researching online and I'm hoping that's what it is. Because I know I didn't mention it before but when I am in a public restroom, that is when it takes over a minute or two to get my urination to start going. At home it still takes a while but it's not as bad. Its still, for me, not normal to be a little slow when I urinate. I don't know if I could explain it any better but this is what happens for me... When I think about urinating, I want to let it out but it seems that there is a delay, it feels like my mechanism to urinate is not reacting right away, as it used to, to my response to urinate. I know I want to urinate but again its like I'm standing there thinking about other things until it comes out.
counterso responded:
That does sound more like an anxiety thing (also known as "shy bladder"). Understand that anxiety and urinary function are very closely related. So, perhaps isolating yourself in a stall with the door closed, even if you're standing, will help initiate the flow. You could always talk to a psychologist about it. Or you could just stop worrying, and go when it stars, however long that is. If you don't think about how long it's taking or what anyone else thinks about you standing there with no urination sounds, then you'll be fine. Probably don't need the urologist. Try some experiments with different situations and see if you can figure out the mental triggers that create this hesitancy.

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