two holes in the head of the penis
crazyone04 posted:
what could cause this to happen to man
Tanarkus responded:
Two? More likely than not, a choice. Could be a piercing or a hypospadias "correction" gone wrong.
counterso responded:
It's called hypospadias, and happens to many different degrees in a significant number of men. It can be a functional or non-functional hole, and may or may not be problematic. Depending on the severity it may or may not be worth correcting. This occurs when the penis is formed before birth and the "seam" of skin does not fully mesh together on the underside of your penis.
tftobin responded:
1 in 300 penises are like this. Hypospadias is common.
hasanAq replied to counterso's response:
What if I had 4 holes and they all are functional but I'm still 13 years old
kalebp765 replied to hasanAq's response:
I have the same exact isue!