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pain in testicle ONLY after sex
cg1986 posted:
I am a normal healthy 23 yo male. About 3 weeks ago after having normal sex with my g/f I noticed very uncomfortable pain in my right testicle and my upper inner thigh and hip. I went to see my doctor and he examined me and peformed all tests necessary to ensure nothing serious. Nothing serious came up and he thought that it may be a muscular/skeletal problem. This problem only occurs about 10 minutes after sex and lasts for about 30-60min after. It occurs on cue within this time frame every time. The pain is not necessarily in my testicle but i can feel it in the tubes right below it and by the base of my penis and down my leg. During the day I am fine, my testicles dont hurt - i have a little nagging pain in my back but nothing serious. This condition only happens after sex like i said and it is like a pulling sensation. When I first experienced it the pain was so severe like someone put on a boot and kicked me in the testicle but since then its gotten a little better but not too much. Its been 3 weeks now and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced symptoms like these? Any help would be really appreciated since i cant find anything on this anywhere else
cg1986 responded:
one thing i forgot to add to the really only affects my testicles when standing, if im laying or sitting when the sensation comes on i just feel it in my lower abdomen and leg, if anyone has any advice please let me know
AnyIdeas responded:
No offence but at this point I wish I had your problem! I am having the opposit problem! My righty is in pain until I ejaculate. I mad a post a fewhours ago but no ideas yet. Good luck man/
counterso responded:
Your doctor, assuming he is a general practitioner, is not qualified to assess your testicular pain. While he might of checked for hernia or torsion, he has essentially no additional training to figure out what's going on. First thing is to stop having sex until you get a more complete assessment so you don't injure yourself. That goes double for the other responder who has pain before ejaculation. There may be some kind of inflammation of the spermatic cord or epididymus that could be seen on ultrasound. You could even have a small varicocele that gets aggravated during sex. Or it's possible that you have a mild pelvic floor dysfunction and the sexual act strains the pelvic floor muscles in a way that causes discomfort. It may be treatable with physical therapy, a change in sexual position, medication, or something else, but that requires determining the cause...something your GP is not capable of diagnosing. Please see a urologist, both of you. Any testicular pain that occurs multiple times or any that lasts for two days (even mild) is considered an urgent situation requiring immediate medical attention from a urologist preferably.

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