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Minor abrasions on penis
eliscom posted:
Occasionally , I get minor abrasions and tiny sores on my penis below the head and in the area that skin collects whne not erect. I have tried neosporin and clotrimazole with varying success. Sometimes the condition will clear up with the appication of either one of these other times it may last a wek or longer.
counterso responded:
One of two things. You're either being abusive to your penis and need to treat it more gently, or you have a yeast infection and you and your partner both need to be treated so it clears up and your skin isn't so fragile anymore. Antibiotic ointment will do absolutely nothing for a yeast infection.
eliscom responded:
What type of medicine would be used for a yeast infection. Also I thught it had cleared up but I was with my partner and the abrasions appeared in another location on the other side of my penis. they are identical to the other sores,albeit tiny ones. they itch and are very sensitive. Is the clotrimazole cream effective? A dermatologist prescribed it but doesnt seem to help. Would another medicine provide relief and clear it up?
counterso responded:
You can get yeast treatments OTC in the drug store or grocery store. Both you and your partner need to be treated at the same time or you'll pass it back and forth. Clotrimazole is for fungus, not yeast. Try the Vagisil or other similar brand for a week and see if it makes a difference. No sex during both your treatments for that week please.
eliscom responded:
thanks....but one more question. Is there a chance that this could be a herpes virus because of the tiny sores?
tftobin responded:
Yes, there is that chance. If you are concerned, see your doctor, who can tell the difference.
Henrymorg replied to counterso's response:
was searching for this on google for hours and im so glad to find your response, even if it was from two years ago. Hopefully, you'll still be able to answer this for me. I have the same problem except I'm positive it's been from being abusive to my penis (not in purpose). It's only been a day since they've appeared, but I'm rather worried about it. When will they go away and is there anything that i can do to make it go away quicker? Thanks

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