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arimidex for men
low_testosterone posted:
Hi I am a male of 26 years of age and suffering from low testosterone. Due to which I had erection problem and other low test. symptoms. My urologist prescribed me clomid (25mg a day) for 2 months. I recovered a lot in that 2 months but then by the end of the second month I again starting having problems with my sexual arousal and I started gaining weight and fat particularly at abdomen. My blood work showed that testosterone has risen but estradiol also had risen, so my T/E ratio had become 11:1.

Seeing this my urologist stopped clomid and prescribed me with arimidex for a month (1mg tablet, one daily). At the end of the month my T/E ratio was 40:1 and I felt great in all aspects. My sexual response and sensitivity to arousal had increased. I could feel weight loss and energetic.

But my insurance is not willing to cover arimidex (they say it is a medicine for females for breast cancer), and I can not afford to buy it on my own. I was thinking to suggest my urologist to prescribe me dosage combining clomid and arimidex, so that I don't end up paying for 30 day supply of arimidex.

Is anyone tried, the combinaton of clomid and arimidex, if yes what would be the optimal dosage? Since now my problem is estradiol, can anyone suggest me any cheaper option for aromatase inhibition?

counterso responded:
I think you should stop seeing a urologist and see an endocrinologist. This is rapidly getting more complicated than urology, and it sounds like there are much deeper issues better served by a specialist in endocrine systems.
Sheldon_Marks_MD responded:
26 year olds should not have low Testosterone. that worries me. You should have a prolactin level and maybe CT scan of your brain to look for pituitary tumors. You also need full metabolic testing. Arimidex and femara work great but are expensive. There us is heavily discussed in the literature is is common by experts for male factor fertility and to boost T levels. Sounds like your pharmacy plan is about 10 years behind in their medical knowledge.
arimidex_poor responded:
My husband has the same problem, he is 32 now. We are unable to have children because of his low testosterone issues and we have been married for 10 years. We have never used birth control so my guess is this was his problem all along. His urologist prescibed Arimidex to increase his testosterone which increased his sperm count and sexual desire but unfortunately the shape and mobility of his sperm never corrected. However, he was only on it for about 7 months and then our insurance decided not to cover the Arimidex anymore since it was "not a neccesary medication". We can't afford it otherwise.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Armidex_poor,

You have a number of options here. 1) You can file with your state's medical insurance board and complain about your insurance company's unwillingness to cover the medication. 2) Have your doctor write a letter to your insurance company why it is medically necessary for your husband to continue taking it. 3) You can contact the maker of Armidex, and see if they have an assistance program and you qualify to get the drug at a reduced cost or free. 4) Try checking out the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. Their mission is to ?help qualifying patients who lack prescription coverage get the medicines they need through the public or private program that?s right for them. Many will get them free or nearly free.? Also, take a look at (These are not a WebMD sites, and we cannot guarantee content).

I hope this helps,

Golfito responded:
Easy enough. Instead of paying $350 for 28 pills of Arimidex, go to Costco and get the generic. You would pay approximately $20. The generic goes by the name of anastrozol. Mind you, you need a prescription also.

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