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Pain/discomfort BEFORE ejaculating
gomaryland posted:
Okay, I will try to make this short. About 9 months ago I had a sharp pain go through my penis everytime my boxers brushed up against it. It was intermittent but definitley there. Went to my doctor, tested for prostatitis, STDs, UTI...all negative. Went to a urologist and he suggest a CT urogram. I haven't done that yet because of insurance purposes, can anyone tell me what that is or if it would be useful? Also, now the pain has pretty much gone away except the occassional soreness. It is below the head on the left side. Also, and this is the main thing now, right before I ejaculate there is a pretty strong ache/sharp pain in the same spot. It is very bothersome and worrisome. Are there any guesses as to what it is or suggestions on what to do? I know I need to go back to the urologist #1. I definitley don't want any surgery but will consider it. What kind of anatomical problems could this be? And are cystoscopies extremely painful? I have a lot of questions as you can tell....any help would be extremely appreciated. I feel like I have a very strange and difficult disorder.
counterso responded:
It doesn't sound strange or difficult. Yes cytoscopies are highly unpleasant! It sounds like there may be a small tear in your urethra somewhere and through occasional irritation either by urination, ejaculation, or other movement of the soft tissue of your penis, it's getting re-torn. Understand that where you feel the pain may have nothing to do with where the actual source of the issue is. Internal pains, especially in nerve-rich areas, can register incorrectly as to their location. The pain could actually have it's cause in your perineum and you feel it in the glans of your penis, for example. It's also possible that you have prostate stones or something like that, and the pain of the stone when you're sexually stimulated is sending a radiating pain out to the end of your penis. It may be easier to diagnose with the urogram. "CT urograms can reveal blockages such as kidney stones, congenital abnormalities in the urinary tract, and cancers of the urinary tract. If something unexpected or abnormal is identified, the patient may need follow up tests such as biopsies to determine the nature of condition, and to decide what the next step should be. After treatment for conditions like kidney stones, it is common to request a urogram to ensure that the all of the stones have passed. "
gomaryland responded:
Thanks for the help, counterso. So what are treatment options? Say it is a tear in my urethra....I doubt there is anything I can do about that. I dunno, maybe there is some crazy pill that will fix everything. I doubt it though.... I am 27 by the way and I don't think urological problems should happen until one is at least 43 ;) Ah well... CT urogram it is. Thanks.

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