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loss of feeling in my penis
concerned0304 posted:
really need advice. i have very little sensation in the tip of my penis. the only thing that sexually stimulates me is the up-and-down motion of masturbation. during sex, the use of a condom totally nullifies all sensation i can feel, so sex becomes nothing more than an awkward workout, rather than pleasure. as such, i feel as though i cannot satisfy my girlfriend because i cant keep it up long enough to pleasure her because its just not pleasurable for me.

i have been to a urologist, and he told me that loss of sensation is rare and that there may be nothing that can be done. being only 20 years old, that devistates me, knowing that i may not be able to really please my g/f for the rest of my life.

i searched the web, to see if anyone else shared my plight, and a few cases seemed similar, which i may query on later dates, however i have a quesiton about one of them.

on another medical help site, someone asked about the use of rubbing alcohol on the tip of the penis, and if there was any damage that would occur from that. i'll admit that for about a month when i was bored and experimenting, i used a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol as a lubricant for masturbation, it burned, but i didnt use that much, so it 'heated' instead. i was wondering if you knew the effects rubbing alcohol could have on the tip of the penis, and if there is any damage, is there anything i can do to regain sensation? please hep.
counterso responded:
You can train your penis the way you train a dog, to respond to different commands. If you allow your penis to dictate (no pun intended) what it likes and doesn't like, it's never going to accept a new method of stimulation. So, although you may not be satisfied initially, your only hope starts with the need to completely stop your old masturbation habits, and only masturbate using techniques that simulate sex with your partner. Your penis simply hasn't learned to interpret other sensations as pleasurable. It's completely mental training. With enough practice, you can train your brain to interpret anything as pleasurable. Your penis isn't insensitive, it's just poorly trained. Have patience and discipline. You will overcome the illusion that this is an obstacle. Rubbing alcohol is not damaging, but it will not change anything.
concerned0304 responded:
actually cannot feel anything when i brush my finger across the tip of my penis. i am aware of 'penis training,' and that probably also works against me, but after she performed oral sex on me and asked me for pointers, i told her she could use toungue... i couldnt feel that she was, very vigorously. by feeling, i could only assume that she was holding my penis in her mouth as she used her hand on the rest of it. so in my case, i do actually have a lack of sensation.
counterso responded:
Then you need to see a neurologist to have your neuropathy symptoms checked. There may be some damage to a nerve that registers sensations in that area. I can think of a half dozen conditions that could cause this kind of loss of sensation, but your neurologist will be familiar with all of them. Make an appointment.
veryconcerned1234 responded:
I unfortunately know what you are talking about. I have the exact same problem as you, and because of my age, i am incredibly concerned. I can't get any pleasure out of any sexual experience whatsoever and it sucks! Some people are telling me that it is a neurological problem,and others say its all in my head. The tip is not hot or cold sensitive, but the rest is. Does this mean that it is a neurological problem?? Please help me out!
KitesHelium responded:
The same thing happeend to me recently, I am in my early-mid 30s and Ive had ED for like 5 yrs now - not exactly sure why (not overweight, active, mental health okay). I did smoke for 11 years but quite about 6 months ago... But 2 months ago I noticed NUMBNESS - even masterbating is difficult. Around the same time I experienced some burning in my thighs and tingling in my feet (sporadically). This is definitely cause for concern esp. if is nuerological in origin. I'm not sure what to do, or think, and one good thing is that my GF isn't "ready" yet. If you can veryconcerned1234, Id appreciate if you contact me!
counterso responded:
The additional burning/tingling might indicate a parasitic infection that has a neurotoxic effect. Have you been checked by a neurologist? Have either of you smoked marijuana? Heavy metal poisoning from weed can also be neurotoxic.
Elprincipe007 responded:
Hi , it will take time, but if you stop masturbating, the sensation will come back again, probably after a month or two ad before six month, you you will regain the sensation again,also do not make sex thinking that sex is like all that stuff that you see in the movies, real life is total different,with the camera they do a lot of things and they made the intercourse more longer than is in real life. prepare your girl friend play with her, make a good pre penetration time, until she ask for that and you will see how everything will change . gels and creams are good but if you are a young man, you don't need that, but if still you want to use something to wake up your tip use toothpaste in small amount. Finally. 1-stop masturbating. 2-go to the bed trying to pleasure your woman not yourself. and have a good time playing with her,with her breast, and everything that she have . Goo luck.
Smittysavestheday responded:
All this talk of neurologists seems a little extreme to "Smittysaves theday", yours truly.

This problem is more likely associated with weight gain (so start exercising and dieting) . It also may well be lower back strain which can temporarily cut off nerves (recommend treatment: therapeutic massage-not the regular massage most people get but one that utilizes "trigger point therapy"-yeah it's a little painful-but it will help you regain freedom of internal muscle movement which could be obstructing nerves and energy flow.

Energy flow is why my final recommendation would be to add a short term regiment of acupuncture which will reorder energy flow and optimize all of your metabolic systems-kind of like a hard drive reset. Never mind surgery, medicine or conventional medicine here. Go for natural solutions-the way you got this restriction in the first place. Go for it!
counterso responded:
Where did the person with the question say anything about their weight?

I'm all for natural therapy, but (not that anyone asked him) there was no indication manual therapy would make a difference based on the reported symptoms. Of course seeing any doctor is going to reveal many details about the specific situation we do not have because we cannot observe this person, as with ALL cases.
kidkameleon responded:
I have the same problem. The loss of feeling is been going on for years. The last two years it very bad and I started having trouble having erections. I went to a urologist, they tested me in a hospital/ bloodtest, injecting dye and measuring how long erection lasts, etc..., but physically there are no problems according to them. The cialis pills dont work (except they give me a headache). I am not overweight, do a lot of sport. The only thing I could think of that may have someting to do with this is the fact that I used lorazepam, medication to prevent fear. But the problem of loss of feeling started when I hadn't taken these pills in more then 2 years. Oral sex is basicly pointless for me, I can't feel it anyway. This has made me very depressed ofcourse. I almost never had a girlfriend in my life, but i still had hope. Something I lost now.
counterso responded:
And so with the earlier recommendation in this thread, have you seen a neurologist yet? That is your next step.

Understand that "fear" is an anxiety disorder and all anxiety disorders have connections to your urogenital function.
Abjorn1457 responded:
I also have the same problem. I was without sex for approximately 6 years so therefore I masturbated at least once a day. Now I have been sexually active for at least 6 months and I am finding that I cannot keep an erection. I can achieve an erection when my partner gives me fore play, but as soon as get ready to penetrate, its just like someone flipped a switch, it is gone. This is frustrating and can be depressing. I know my partner is also becoming frustrated because I cant please her. I feel like telling her to see someone else who can please her. Viagra works well for me but I can reach climax when I am have sexual intercourse, so for me it is also just an awkward workout. If I pull out and masturbate for 10 minutes, I can reach climax no problem. I will try and train my penis to know that sexual intercourse feels better than masturbation. I hope this works, I want so bad to pleasure my girl friend and hopefully have kids.
counterso responded:
It does sound classically like the daily or more masturbation trained your penis to only respond to your hand, not intercourse. Retraining should do the job after a few weeks or couple months. Simulate not only the sensations but also the body position of intercourse when you masturbate.
mastermark responded:
Check it out! Guys, I'm having problems with this area as well. And its not fun, and its kinda scary to think that feeling is diminishing. My penis is a large one too, and its been fun with the ladies, so I'm concerned. Now, there are two things that I think have contributed to the problem. One, I have experienced a pop noise in my penis probably a dozen times beginning about 7 years ago. It started with this one chick who was real rough on top. It hurt, but not real bad, and it has continued to happen every now and then. Until the last few times its happened, I have noticed the tendon (dorsal nerve thingy on the top of my penis. It looks like a sting going from the base to the tip) is exposed as though it is disconnected. Not a huge visual deal, but noticeable. The shape has also been effected. Something definitely has injured my penis from rough sex. The diminishing feeling did not start until sometime within the last 12 months. So its possible that this is the source. I don't know if there is a fix for this or not. My penis still works, but more difficult to get an erection, unless a woman is around naked! Masterbation isn't cuttin the cheese these days. Need the visual aids such as a swollen wet vagina!

Next, here is another opinion >> I have experienced hemorrhoids. Bad ones actually for years and years, ever since I was in my early 20s! If you read about hemorrhoids, most all of us experience them in life. If they are internal near the rectum they may not be able to be noticed by pain. If they are real bad, in my case and since my entire family has them, it appears that the swollen tissue inside the rectum is in the same area as the pudendal nerves, which contain the dorsal nerves that lead to your penis. I have real bad cases of hemorrhoids in last 12 months of bleeding, hard to take a dump, etc. With this condition of swollen tissue inside my rectum, it seems to be an real problem with the feelings of numbness, loss of sensation on my foreskin, swollen prostate gland, etc. Since all these nerves are in the same area, I think this is the issue. The same nerves that control the anus muscles also are intertwined with the nerves that make your penis have feelings, The ejaculation muscle is the same muscles that that make all that area work too. If your penis has seemed to shrink up inside you, and if it looks like a tiny little mushroom when its relaxed, then it means the that there is pressure in your rectum, thus leading to loss feelings. A rubber feeling on the foreskin is usually the sign of these loss feelings. With this theory, and since the majority of 40s plus men have hemorrhoids, no wander ED is an issue. My penis still works, I wake up with wood, I still can cum, but its not near the same. I'm hopefully getting the hemorrhoid surgery done, or whatever other method fixes these things, and hopefully the feelings will return. Hope this helps...

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