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blood in sperm
unknownperson1983 posted:
have had blood in my sperm for about a month in a half no pain or discomfort that i have noticed i was reading on this and it stated it will go away on its own but since there is blood in the sperm does this mean i can not inpregnate my wife? how long should i wait until i go see a physician? i am also a bodybuilder could this be the cause of the blood in my sperm? please help thank you
Sheldon_Marks_MD responded:
Blood in the semen will not impact in any way on your ability to father children, and you should not delay trying because of the blood. It is common and almost always meaningless (though scary). Chances are it is from the heavy lifting and straining of your weight lifting.
hookdaddy responded:
I JUST HAD BLOOD IN MY SEMEN ,however it was ALL BLOOD....... is THIS normal , first time in 47 years i have seen this.
dontfreak responded:
There is always a chance that this is a serious problem but in my experience and research online, this is the equivalent a nose bleed.

I am 46 and I had my first bloody ejaculate episode 18 year ago. I actually went to the ER over it. After seeing a urologist and ruling out a serious problem, the doctor said not to worry about it.

It still occurs about 1-2 times a year. It is never after a quickie. It seems to be related to prolonged sex or when I get very close to ejaculating but hold off for awhile. I am guessing that with all the extra blood down there during sex is somehow overloading the tiny vessles and they rupture. I have even had blood in my urine after prolonged foreplay and before ejaculating.

Once you get past the sight of the blood, the worst part is passing the clots. It is a very uncomfortable sensation but if you can relax, you can pass a large clot with almost no discomfort. I try to urinate soon after sex. If there is blood, the clots will be smaller and easier to manage.

For me it has not gotten worse or better in the last 18 years. On the up side I tell l my wife I need a quickie to check the plumbing.

Go to the doctor to rule out a serious problem. Then if it happens again you will know it is not serious.
blued_91 responded:
I have this for 2 consecutive days. the first one have a little amount of blood while the latest have all blood. it is not red as it be, but still there's blood in a sticky liquid. honestly, i am scared to death. i am 38 years old and would like to know how this can be treated at home.

is this normal? will it go away after a few days?
jefbt responded:
Im 22 I im having this issue as well luckaly its only light and lot that dark with blood, it also appeirs in my pre cum as well, but its only happened about 4 times so far, how many times dose this happen before it becomes an issue?!

I do have Velocardifacial syndrome and have had MANY health issues in the past including Sarcoidosis of the spleen and many other issues in the past that have since resolved
excitebike responded:
also have had this same problem recently. it was the night after a weekend were i was agressivley athletic. it only happened once to me though but i have had a discharge only in the AM scince then.I went to the doctor for fear of an infection and they took a urine sample and said it was clean. Im laid off with no insurance so im hoping to mabee find an answer here.
counterso responded:
It can't be treated at home. It is not normal. And yes, it may go away after a few days. And no, it's probably not cancer. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be making an appointment to see the urologist. Blood outside the body is a literal "big red flag" that you need some (medical) attention. Whether it's an injury or something more serious, you only get one reproductive system and it's better to find out what's going on, even if the answer is simple and reassuringly mundane, like too much bicycling.
counterso responded:
One day it's a stern warning. Two times it's an issue in need of addressing. Blood outside the body is a literal "big red flag" that something untoward is going on. That it's recurrent for you, even with time inbetween, is something you should alert your current doctor to who is treating you for your conditions, but also time to visit a urologist. It is better to find out the reason is mundane, but foolish to ignore the warning of something potentially serious.
counterso responded:
A urine culture will not show an infection if you had blood in your semen. They come from different plumbing. While athletic injury can cause blood in the semen or urine, it's never a good sign, and always worth checking out with a urologist (not a general physician). It's better to find out the answer is mundane and not worrisome, than to ignore this literal "big red flag" and miss something serious.
atmosfear responded:
I had a blood in sperm, it happened two days ago. but there's no pain while i'm at it. I was wondering is it possible that it caused by exhaustion or lack of sleep? because I only sleep 3-4 hours a day in this past two weeks.
counterso responded:
No, blood in semen is not caused by poor sleep habits. You need to see a urologist regardless of whether there was pain or not (usually there's not).
americamine responded:
My husband has bllod in his sperm? this is the second time its happened,last time 2weeks ago. what could be problem he is 76yrs old but we stil have sex. Thank you Americamine
counterso responded:
Could be an infection or injury. Regardless, he needs to see his urologist promptly.
raffman responded:
hi guys , it is really scary when this happens, about 5 month ago after making sex with my wife I saw blood all over the place when we finished making love , I thought the possibility of her menstrual cycle being not on time and it just came at that moment but the scary part was when I went to pee few minutes later , I noted that I could not the pee out as usually and suddenly several blood clogs came out with the urine and a stream off blood with it ! the strange thing was that the blood was not in he semen it was in the urine after making sex, I thought for a moment that may be a created a vacumme inside my wife vagina and her mestruation blood might had made her way in to my urinary track, but after visiting te doctor he told me that some times when men are in the 40's blood acumulates on the kidnenys tube at the place where they turn from the top of the kidney ,at that curve ,blood will acumulate an in time as you get older it will come off and go out on your urine, imagine a river ,when it turns on a curved bank, it will acumulate sand on the side off the current , it has been a while but this week happened again and always after making love when I urinate, that is the strange thing ! I have tried masturbating on my own and semmen is fine and I will pee after and urine is clear ! so I am see the doctor next week and really push to get some real in depth testing done because it just do not sound right , just bleading ! by the way at not time I have experience pain, disconfor,fever , nothing at all ,! that is the scary part that you are bleading and you do not know why ? if it helps any one this info ! sorry to be too graphic but thi is the only way to explain this king of situation, I wonder if my kidneys are giving up on me? thanks Raffman

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