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Penis pain after drunken orgasm
kari19811981 posted:
Anytime my husband drinks and has an orgasm, he gets what seems like a UTI afterwards. He'll feel like he has to pee but when he tries he can't go at all, or it'll be a small amount and it will hurt. He usually ends up sitting in the bathroom for hours afterwards because of the pain. Again this is only when he drinks alcohol (beer or liquor) and has an orgasm (from sex, masturbation, or oral sex). Any advice or thoughts would be great. Thanks.
counterso responded:
How about refusing sex if he's drunk? If he chooses to masturbate instead, at least it's not your fault.

Doesn't sound normal, but I'm going to guess he's not going to see a urologist to find out why it happens.
brooklyn06 responded:
Hi there. First of all, I completely disagree with the last advice you were given!! If your husband is having problems after sex, the last thing you should do is make him feel more self conscious about it by rejecting him. I suppose that's just my opinion though.

I did have a question for boyfriend actually has the exact same thing happen to him. Only after drinking and only after sex. My question is has your husband ever had to have a camera inserted...through that area...for medical reasons? I only ask because my boyfriend had to have this procedure done during kidney issues. Granted the procedure was roughly 5 years ago but we were wondering if there was possibly a correlation between the two, considering that the pain has been occurring since then.

Maybe we can solve our men's problem together!!
counterso responded:
So basically brooklyn06, you're saying if a patient came in and said, "it hurts when I do this," you would not tell them to first stop doing it?

Obviously denying sex is not the answer to his condition, but it might give him the hint that he shouldn't get drunk because when he does it causes a problem. Just like getting behind the wheel of a car when he's drunk. Self-injury is just as stupid either way.

Otherwise, to determine the underlying issue, he's going to need to see the doctor.
brooklyn06 responded:
First off, if her husband's case is anything like my boyfriends, he doesn't have to be "drunk" for this to occur. It's merely the combination of consuming ANY alcohol and having intercourse. At any rate, the pain these men feel is not normal and so simply not having sex after drinking doesn't seem like a logical answer. Finding out the root of it and making sure there isn't something seriously wrong is what the goal is.

I by no means meant to offend you, it was simply an opinion.
MostlyStraightGuy responded:
This used to happen to me all the time. In fact, almost every single time I would orgasm when drunk. The pain is similar to passing small kidney stones. It is a very annoying situation when all you want to do is go to sleep. You are stuck on your toilet, with what feels like the biggest urination of your life...but all that comes out is drop after drop. For me, it usually takes about half an hour to feel comfortable enough to leave the bathroom.

I went out on a limb and asked a friend of mine if he shared my affliction. He did. We talked and tried to discover what could cause the problem. We came to two conclusions, and one almost foolproof way to prevent it from happening.

Cause 1 - When you are drunk, your genitals are more relaxed. This could cause the semen to not fully release itself as it would if you were sober. This would obviously cause some blockage, which would cause the pain and also account for the slow recovery time.

Cause 2 - Drinking leads to more frequent urination. During any sexual activity, your bladder is filling with liquid to a level that would normally lead to a rather urgent urination. But because the male is preoccupied with sexual activity, it goes ignored. This would lead to a full bladder for a considerably extended period of time. Upon ejaculation, the pressure from the bladder may try to release a little urine at the same time, causing a small backfire, perhaps even a small amount of semen to be forced into the bladder. As semen is much thicker than urine, this alone could cause a very peculiar, very unnatural sensation. Obviously, this would cause a very painful blockage that would account for the extended period of time it takes to clear the problem.

Prevention - I've discovered that I can usually avoid this problem if I urinate immediately before any sexual activity. I would guess that this buys more time before Cause 1 and Cause 2 can become an issue. Also, I've found that squeezing can help clear some ejaculate that might be lingering. One more suggestion. After the sexual activity is finished, I force myself to wait a while before relieving my urination. I wait a few minutes even after going completely flaccid.

I really hope this helps! Tell your husband I feel his pain! Quite literally...
virgward responded:
It's funny you say that he had a camera procedure done 5 years ago. I had a kidney procedure done to remove a congenital uriture blockage. They had the camera and had to remove a tube through that area and ever since that time I have had the same problem. That was 17 years ago and I was 17 at the time. In that time I have seen two urologists and they both had no possible solution or had even heard of anything like this. Any info that you find out I would be great.
Thankyou142 responded:
I think it is the quality of the beer. The rarer beers stay on the shelf too long and the big stores often fail to rotate product. I have been drinking Guinness for the last 10+ years exclusively. I tried this dutch Oatmeal stout recently and got the same symptoms you describe. Sex may have played a role. I had this same problem 15+years ago. I feel it was from trying all types of beer, I was in college then. I had the stethscopsy, lots of antibiotics and it went away. I think avoiding various beers and making sure my urethra is completely cleared after ejaculation, wring it out, was the solution. I found peeing without clearing the semen continued the problem.

Go to the urologist if drugs don't work. There are also blood tests for your prostate health that may be useful. My symptoms included urge to urinate, prostate sensitivity, split stream urination, burning sensation, left over semen in the urethra that came out during urination and the stethscopsy turned up negative. Drugs don't help if it is just a mechanical problem with clearing semen from the urethra. Good luck. Squeeze out the last drops.
Thankyou142 responded:
Almost forgot, when I suffer the urge to pee, standing or sitting at the toliet and slowly releasing drops of urine, I masturbate. I think this is the mild form of this condition. The urge to pee disappears and if I have a burning sensation, that goes too. This doesn't work when I have the strong prostate pain. I go to the doctor and get antibiotics. Urine cultures come up negative. They call it abacterial infection. The symptoms are there but the bacteria can't be found. They should test the semen.
newark49 responded:
I have been suffering the same problem for several years now. When I first started drinking, I would only drink hard alcohol, and this problem essentially would not really affect me. Then later i began to drink beer, and every time i experienced a drunken orgasm I would regret it. The pain is just terrible. I have abstained from drunk sex for nearly two years, but today I finally felt brave enough to experiment, once again only drinking hard alcohol and masturbating. It is hard to explain, the beginnings of the same pain is there, but it is not the same incapacitating pain that I would get when I drank beer and experienced an orgasm. Though I realize this is a problem, as i am still under 21 i have not had the courage to speak with a doctor about this problem. Has your husband tried switching from beer to hard liquor, because for me the pain was greatly reduced. Has your husband seen a doctor about this problem?
tftobin responded:
Given a choice between drinking and a painful orgasm, I know which one I'd pick. What does it say about his life choices?
Tiptop44 responded:
And I thought I was the only one with this problem! I have a small curve ball to throw at you though. For me it seems to only occur after masturbation, sex does not seem to cause the problem. I also am unfortunate enough to have rectal constipation in addition to the what feels like penis constipation. I don't need to be drunk either, anything over 1-2 beers will cause the problem. It does however seem to be a slightly stronger pain/constipation the more I have had to drink though, or maybe the pain is the same it just last longer which for me means I am stuck on the toilet anywhere from 30mins to ~1.5Hours
mums19 responded:
Thank God I have found other people like me. I have been struggling with the same issue for over two years now. When i was younger it would happen every once in awhile, maybe once a year so i thought it was just a UTI. However 3 years ago it started happening more frequently and now I feel like it happens everytime i drink (beer or liquor). It is so frutsrating bc I went to see a urologist, had all types of painful exams, CT scan with dye, urine analyst, blood work and took Leviquin 500mg for a month. I also just recently had hernia surgery but I dont think they relate. All the tests came back negative and my doc just said i was a medical mystery. I have been depressed about it but I am so glad i came across your situation bc I feel somewhat relieved that I am not the only one. I am looking for answers, may it be naturally or medically and I hope we can help each other.
auntnanx2 responded:
I have a brother-in-law that when he drinks beer it stop's him from urinaring also. He has to go the Hospital to have a cathater put in. But he has an enlarged prostate thats the cause his. His son also has problems, he sit's in the bathroom for hours just trying to pee, very little pee comes out. He also has an enlarged prostate. My husband does also. He has been on Avdort for 4yr's but has no problems peeing now. I'm just saying it is different in each man, if that is his problem. Maybe you can get him to an urology Dr. have him checked out. The Prostate can causes problem's. I hope this has helped you out. Good Luck to your husband!!

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