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itchy, bumpy red rash on butt crack
howard4640 posted:
in the last month, i've been getting a itchy, bumpy red rash in my butt crack. it only shows up when i sweat. even a little sweat. i use cortizone cream on it and it goes away until i sweat again. it consums my whole butt crack and comes back in the same location with the same intensity. i thought it was our fabric softern, but i rewashed all my underwear and the rash still came back. i have not done anything else new or different. this rash is killing me. it is very itchy. it feels like chigger bits. those little insects you can't see, but get in your socks and under your skin and itch like crazy. can anyone help me or know how to stop this?
anonym0us responded:
I have had this problem for 20 years. Now that I have started jogging, it is worse than ever, despite using Cleocin lotion and Zeasorb daily. It's actually bothering me so much now, that I am going relentlessly pursue a medical cure for this. If my dermatologist doesn't show the same initiative in solving this, I will find another dermatologist. I will report back when the problem is solved.
jasperjohns responded:
The diagnosis is infection with the herpes simplex virus. A scraping from the base of a vesicle (Tzanck test) stained with Giemsa would reveal multinucleated giant cells, and viral culture would be positive. Most cases do not require clinical tests and are diagnosed by the classic appearance. Genital herpes is usually caused by the herpes simplex virus type 2 and occurs in sexually active individuals. Symptoms may include pain, tenderness, and itching. The duration of each episode will be shortened by oral antiviral therapy with acyclovir, valacyclovir, or famciclovir, which may also be used as chronic, suppressive therapy for those who experience frequent episodes.
anjylkat responded:
An alternative health care provider told me that this was indicative of one's body being too acidic. So when you sweat your sweat is literally "burning" your skin. I've had the same thing, but not from sweating. I'm a woman and it was from other body fluids without being totally blunt. Happens to me when I'm eating lots of junk foods and not vegies and fruits and whole grains. When I'm getting lots of greens in my diet and avoiding sugar, no rash no matter how much I may sweat. You can prove it to yourself by testing your PH with some PH paper available at health food stores. And the thing that works the absolute best besides adjustments in diet, which eliminate it altogether is Burts Bees Rescue Remedy. Green salve that takes away the itch and heals the blistery bumps. Oh yeah, that's one thing you didn't mention. Are the bumps blistery? fluid filled? Cuz that's what I'm referring to. If they're not then, I may not be correct here on ph. I don't have the same training the person I went to does. Wish I did, though! But many people today are experiencing lots of immune system problems and having studied the alt health field and being an alt health practioner, I find that we've thrashed our immune systems with our stress filled lifestyles and poor eating habits. Nature has given us the tools to heal our bodies with, but big pharma and health insurance companies AND government have robbed us from it and we contribute to our own health demise by allowing it and not taking resonsibility for our health HABITS and choices. I'm guilty of it myself. But I've lived at both ends of the healthy lifestyle to very unhealthy lifestyle spectrum and there's a huge difference.

Best wishes for your butt crack issue!
RonHilfinger responded:

Stop spreading your butt cheeks so wide when you sit on the toilet!!
This is the #1 cause of skin irritation in the "crack" area.

Keep it clean and avoid over scratching.

Hope this helps!
moon414 replied to anjylkat's response:
Thanks for all your tips this does sound like my problem too, I do have several immune problems lupus crohns, raynauds, the list goes on and on. I get the rash maybe once a year twice if Im stress to no end! Im going to try your ideas. I always thought it was some kind of yeast infrection. Or a reaction to a new drug I was taking. Im fed up with the MD ways now trying the homeopathic/holistic way for everything.

good luck all!
B_KRiggs7983 replied to Sheldon_Marks_MD's response:
My boyfriend has the same thing...a itchy rash along his butt crack, and foul smelling yellowish discharge that comes out of his rectum. What can it be and is there any thing that will take care of it? I am a girlfriend desperate to help my boyfriend feel better. This has gone on for over a year and he was putting several types of ointments on but nothing helped. Please help him.
fit4ny replied to B_KRiggs7983's response:
I didn't have it that bad.... SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had it for Years, working out made it worse, hot showers.... it started to spread on back and had a spot on my stomach too... It's a fungus. I tried some prescript , pills and some cream.. Didn't work all that well.

THE CURE:: Script for Foogera (not sure of spelling) It was awesome. I did it twice a day, and I would say 2 weeks and it's GONE... I can't tell you how happy I am.
Tee888 replied to fit4ny's response:
Where locally can you purchase Fougera?
bhdhealth responded:
I am not a guy, but had a similar problem with the itchy rash at the top of my buttocks, always worse in the summer. I used a jock itch cream & it held it in check but never cured it.

Recently I had to make some diet changes because of another problem I had....long term acid indigestion. Research on the internet led me to believe I had an acid body. I have stopped eating fried foods, cut back on my meat intake & am eating more of the veggies with no calories...greens, squash, etc.
Also, drinking water with about 1/8th teaspoon baking soda in a 16 oz glass several times a day. And one glass of tea with lemon in it daily.

It is hard to believe that the rash is now receding & my use of the Lotrimin (Jock itch cream) is rarely needed. Even when I get hot & sweat like crazy. Just goes to show, that the obvious solution is not always the right solution for you.

I sincerely hope this helps someone out there.
A hot lady in Louisiana
heikocapetown responded:
The culprit could be the fabric of your underwear and/or overwear. Make sure that especially your underwear is breathable, made of 100% cotton for example. Synthetic fabric usually causes the skin covered by it to sweat. So it's always wet which could cause the rash. Good luck
moon414 responded:
Well lately I find going to a MD Dr. is becoming useless for any reason, between the Ins laws and malpractice they are afraid to make any kind of diagnose or decision. I have autoimmune disease and have dealt with this problem for years. I notice it showing up when I get stressed and when I sweet. I see a lot of posts saying "when I sweet" I make sure the area is always DRY as possible. After I go to the bathroom I always dry that area if I'm having the problem or not. After a shower I dry it with the blow dryer. And wipe with the towel, I keep it clean with Hydrogen Peroxide always and dry it several times a day. This year I've been lucky (keeping my fingers crossed) I've only had it once so far. Maybe my method is working. CLEAN DRY, CLEAN DRY, several times a day. What boggles my mind is if so many of us have this problem why can't a Dr tell us what this is? good luck to all of us.[br>[br>Clean and dry.
An_248715 responded:
Sounds like you are headed in the right direction with getting some ointment. The other possibility that I have heard about anal itchy etc... is an over growth of yeast in the body. You may consider that too. And that requires de yeasting the body. Those are the only two things I can think of.I am sure you will get it figured out. Good luck!
Pocono2 responded:
You have parasites......I had a rash that had pimples....itchy....A vet informed me that I should disinfect myself reg if around animal or traveling. I bought Vermox Plus....get it on line. Don't drink alcohol while taking. Also don't sit on toilet seats.....I don't but others do and sit on mine so I disinfect it....don't want a red rash back again.....FYI
annee22152 replied to Pocono2's response:
I had this problem (red, itchy rash on buttocks - spread up my lower back) earlier this year (2013) and wanted to share how I got rid of it. I went to both my OB-GYN and a dermatologist. Both prescribed the same medicine, Fluconazole, a pill that you take every other day for a relatively short time. The OB-GYN gave me 3 pills and I got 5 more from the dermatologist since she thought I needed to be on it a little longer. Can react with other RX so let your doctor know what you're taking. The dermatologist also gave me a cream called Clotrimazole and Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream USP 1%/.05% (base). Both doctors felt it was an overgrowth of yeast on the skin that had gotten into my system. The pills helped systemically and the cream also provided relief. My regimen was to take a shower and clean the area only with water or Cetaphil cleanser (I use the generic version). Then gently pat dry. Dry further with cool setting on your hair dryer. Apply cream twice a day. No scratching. I switched to cotton underwear to reduce heat build up. At the beginning of the treatment, I would put on two pair of underwear and put in an ice pack between them. The lower temperature provided a great deal of relief since the medications took a few days to work. But they did work, and I'd say within a week I could no longer feel the itch and within a month, all of the redness had gone away. I still have cream left and use a little if I ever feel the itch coming back. The condition has not returned. I continue to wash and dry in the same manner. I'm not a doctor, so your condition could be due to something else or your treatment could be different. But I encourage you to see your doctor. Dermatologists and all doctors/PAs have seen it all, so don't be embarrassed. Mine looked at the rash, but that was over in a flash (pardon the pun). I have decent insurance coverage, and I know that not everyone does.The pills were about $3 each for me, but I only needed a total of 8. The cream may have been about $35. I hope that each of you suffering from this can find some answers from my experience. Feel better!

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