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dark brown semen
50_plus posted:
I'm a little confused. In checking some of the other postings I feel like there are mixed messages. I'm sure it depends on various differences. Some postings seem to indicate no problem at all where others have them see an urologist ASAP !?!

It is my understanding that brown us usually dried blood and red is fresh.

I just had dark brown ejaculate for the first time in my life. The color was like eating chocolate and spitting afterwords. ( how's that for a description ). Concern or no concern??? Thanx.
counterso responded:
Yes, there is a mixed message because most of the time the outcome of investigating this kind of thing is that there's nothing sinister going on. No more than cutting yourself shaving. That said, red blood in your semen, particularly if it occurs multiple times, or there is a lot of it, is a rather urgent situation. A little bit of brown, while of some concern, and usually worth investigating, tends to indicate a small injury that has already healed. It is a delicate and complex system, and so all signs of blood should be taken as a warning. Whether it was just exercising too hard one day which caused a capillary to burst, or something else, evidence of blood is always evidence that something was wrong, however briefly, and reason to become more aware and to mention things to your doctor.

So, while you probably don't need to rush to the urologist, if you're over 50 and haven't ever seen one (guessing your age from your nickname), then this might be a reason to trigger that first visit. If you see this multiple times, then the problem, even if small, is recurring and should be checked out. Better to have the doctor tell you that everything is fine than to guess and wonder or miss something.
twmissmt responded:
I am in the exact same boat (see post titled "hematospermia" posted 2/8/10 by twmissmt. I have been essentially cleared by two doctors yet the discoloration is as bad now as it's ever been. Because my psa numbers are ok and they have done all they think they can they merely say "oh well, nothing to worry about" but I don' t buy that. Brown semen has to be caused by something! out of the ordinary. Let me know if you come up with any answers.
counterso responded:
Yes, brown is caused by dried blood. Some causes of blood in semen are not sinister, although still disturbing. The thing is, you want a urologist to give you a medical assessment of the situation to determine whether the cause of the discoloration is concerning or not. It's not something you want to guess about, because if it is a sinister concern, you will need your urologist's help.

Obviously your body shouldn't bleed under normal circumstances, so while your situation may have been assessed to be not dangerous, it doesn't exactly mean you're totally healthy. That's why you can continue at a less urgent pace to try to determine the root cause. It could be your exercise routine, bicycling, or just weakly structured tissue, but your body has signaled you that something is weak and incurring damage on a regular basis. It's up to you to find out what if it still concerns you.
Sheldon_Marks_MD responded:
No concern. At all. Blood in the semen (hematospermia) is one of those very scary events that is almost always a harmless findings with no importance or concerns. If the blood remains heavy and prolonged, then a trip to the urologist is reasonable. Blood can be seen in the semen in young adults from teens on to older men in their 70's or more, and anything in between. The blood can be bright red, to speckled to reddish or even brown tinged. The blood can be constant and throughout, or a tiny spot just once. It may never come back or it can be intermittent over months or even years. I like to use the blood as an excuse to get men in for a basic urology evaluation such as a urine check for infection or blood cells (hematuria, which is the opposite of blood in the semen - blood in urine is always potentially serious and needs evaluation 100% of the time), a PSA to check the prostate and be sure there is no cancer and an exam.
neilviet responded:
It is same my situation. I want to know what happen Thank you.
bcshores replied to neilviet's response:
I'm with you. I've had brown discoloration for almost 2 years now. I went a number of times to the urologist, did all the tests, no blood in urine, PSA low, tried antibiotics. Basically he wasn't concerned. I hadn't been back in a while, but looks like I'll have to go back again. It goes through periods of looking a little better, but that's probably a matter of ejaculating a little more often.

Everything says don't worry, yet it never goes away.
Gonk1964 responded:
I have recently had mild cardiac issue which forced me to be on blood thining medication. I too have brown coloured ejaculate. Is anyone else here on this type of medication? I have a feeling that this is the culprit.
An_248715 responded:
This shows that problem is very serious and you should go to the doctor.

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