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Everytime I have sex my penis tears
live1again11 posted:
Everytime i have sex my penis foreskin tears right below my penis head.. This has never happened before but has been happening evertime now for about a month.. I have to wait till it heals to have sex again but even with it healed It tears again after sex.. I tried going easier and less aggressive and even wearing condoms but penis still tears even after trying with condom and less aggressive sex.. What do I do? Do i need to put anything like neosporin on cut on penis? Will it get infected? Could I be hitting something in wife vagina that making my foreskin tear?
Gary0329 responded:
Are you sure you are waiting long enough for complete healing to take place? A little neosporin is probably a good idea.
counterso responded:
The way this is healing is probably contributing to the recurrence of the problem. While permanent separation might relieve the problem, it may not be your first choice. You should have this examined by a urologist so they can look at how it is healing and make specific recommendations based on the way your skin is attached.

There's nothing for it to hit. But re-damaging the same area over and over is going to lead to permanent scarring and nerve damage or mental trauma tied to sexual intimacy. See the urologist and come up with a conservative plan that both addresses the issue and doesn't require a circumcision.

It's also possible that you have a mild yeast infection which is causing your skin to become more fragile.
tftobin responded:
this is very a yeast infection. it could happen to anyone. both you and any partner will need to be treated. anything over the counter which works for a woman, should work as well for a man...vagisil, monistat, etc.
Sheldon_Marks_MD responded:
You need to see a urologist. It could be a low grade yeast or bacterial infection which may need treatment, or perhaps the healing area looks healed but still is weaker than adjacent tissues and so you tear again with sex. Healing is a long process, and in fact any significant injury takes about 18 months for the tissue healing and remodeling to be complete.
live1again11 responded:
OMG.. WEll 18 months im afraid I will not commit to.. Im sorry.. But what other signs can i look for to see if this is a yeast infection? I mean even when i go to clean area when i bath it seems to tear not to the point where it bleeds but it burns when soap is on it then if i look closely i can see it has opened up. Not a big year.. Maybe half an inch and same tear over and over.. Ill try neosporin and give it a week starting today without anykind of sex.. Will let you guys know results.. Thanks for all the posts... God bless
counterso responded:
The signs are the results of the treatment, and both you and your partner need to be treated for yeast at the same time or you'll continue to share it back and forth. One of the most common signs is fragile skin!

If you continue to aggravate the area the continuous re-injury can cause other problems including nerve damage, loss of sensation, scarring, and infection.

You need to commit to some significant length of time to allow it to heal properly. You only get one penis, don't abuse it.
58splitty responded:
Been having same problem for quite some time ripping on an off and then having to wait for ever for it to heal. Friend of mine recommended I use an ointment he uses for his eczema. It had Mr. Happy up and running in 3 days. It's call Aquaphor healing ointment. Stuff is magic. Give it a try I'll guarantee it will help, my Johnson looked like I had put it through a meat grinder, this stuff healed it like it never happen. Hope it works for you, post your results hopefully other people can benefit from it.

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