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Hot Baths and sperm
jarvis123 posted:
will hot baths damage sperm permanently.
ontbear responded:
jarvis123: No hot baths will not permanently "damage" sperm. Sperm is made continually. The hot baths/tubs will reduce the production of sperm. The testicals do not like warmth. Not even body warm. That is why the scrodium will "hang" down to be as cool as it can. Tight shorts prevent this to occure. If you are in a "rural" area, look at the testicals of bulls and other males. Their scrodiums hang a far from the body as possible. PA
An_200273 replied to ontbear's response:
so would that mean that when the testicals are close to the body their at a temperature they like or are trying to keep warm?
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
Sperm producing cells in the testicles are very heat sensitive which is why a human male's testicles are in the bottom of the scrotum. When cold, they pull in tight. When hot, they relax and pull away. The thin, wrinkled skin of the scrotum also allows for rapid heat dissipation, like radiator fins on a car or air conditioning unit. The type of underwear you wear makes no difference in many studies. Hot tubs are indeed bad for fertility but only for the few months after until you can make new sperm (the sperm production cycle is 74 to 90 days long). I tell my fertility and vasectomy reversal patients to avoid hot tubs, hot baths, jacuzzis. or hot saunas.
k85242 replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
Dr. Marks, What causes low sperm counts? More importantly, what raises it. We are trying to conceive, and my husband has low counts, low morphology, low motility. I think his count was 13.4 instead of 20, and morph of motility was like 2.4. We are waiting to see an RE, but can't get in for several weeks. Most of the research we find online doesn't appear to be valid info. No alcohol, steroids, hot tubs. What else can we look at?

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