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Question about my father
pawpaw12 posted:
We have had my Dad to many doctors and they can't tell us what is wrong with him. He is 74. He gets this extreme sickness that comes over him, It causes such nausea but he never vomits.It makes him so sick he can't go in public because he never knows when it will come on him. He gets so sick he can't move.It comes and then it's gone in a few minutes.Please if there is anyone that can help us we would be so grateful. It has taken his life away. Thanks so much.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Pawpaw,

This exchange is here to discuss Erectile Dysfunction but even if it were something else, unfortunately, there's little that anyone online can do.

Keep pursuing answers with his doctors, with any and all specialists. The extremity of his symptoms along with how suddenly this has come on is cause for concern.

I hope you all find the answers soon. (((hugs)))
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
I would have him see a neurologist and if nothing a GI specialist. There are medications that can reduce or block nausea, but you really want to find out the cause to be sure it is not from a medication or small stroke or intestinal problem.