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sex,fantasy,erection and pregnancy
ram1234 posted:
I am a recently married man of 34 yrs old. my problem is related to sex. I am a man of strong sexual vigour and intrest. I like always cow girl style(woman-on top) becaz I get more pleasure on that. But I have heard that for getting pregnant, either missionary(man on top) or rear entry to be tried. For this reason, I have tried missionary for the last 2 months about 10 times during her ovulation days. It worked some how and I enjoyed that position also. but she did not get preganant. But for the last 2 times, I did not get good erection in missionary .but on the same day, when I have tried woman on top, I have got erection and ejaculation. What is this problem doctor?I am doing missionary while placing her legs in my shoulders. Will it reduce friction in missionary position?now I wish to do missionary also.But due to fear of losing erection or not getting pleasure, I am afraid about doing missionary. doggy style I have not tried yet.I have another problem also.I am fantasizing of sex with other women also while doing with my wife. some times I feel guilty about that. But from some sites, I have read that it is normal and it gives more happiness in sexual life.I am trying to fantasise with my wife also. she is also very pretty and beautiful. But in order to avoid frustration, I am fanatasing with other women including some made up characters. is it normal doctor?I love my wife very much also.while doing such fantasies will affect our lov?We want pregnancy also urgently.Kindly advise to sort out all these problems
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
Just answered this one.