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Taking Viagra for ED but barely helps-HELP!
jerry1972 posted:
I'm a 38 year old male suffering from ED. My ED started a couple of years ago from - I believe - certain medications I was taking. Well, now I am off those medications and my sexual desire is returning to normal but I am still unable to maintain erections. My doc has me on Viagra 100mg but I take 2 because 1 doesn't do anything. I can get sexually aroused but I just stay flaccid even on Viagra 200mg. Could it be that after a 2 year hiatus from sexual arousal and ED that my brain is having to relearn how to achieve an erection? I have a therapist and we've ruled out any performance anxiety and I've seen my general practitioner and had blood tests done to see if anything else was casing it - but nothing turned up. Maybe Viagra just doesn't vibe with me? I did try Levitra and it seemed to work MUCh better but my insurance won't cover it. ANyone have any words of wisdom?
An_200371 responded:
An_200372 replied to An_200371's response:
when I try Viagra I did not find that it was the Television conception. I didn't just take the pill and find myself 30 minutes later with a raging erection. Not just thinking about it, but sometimes, usually always, I needed some outside stimulation (touching, hand, mouth, etc) to get the full erection.
Texasred45 responded:
Two things: one, have you been tested for testosterone level? If your 'T' is too low, the Viagra-type meds won't well if at all.
Second, try another drug: I have had very satisfactory results using Cialis. Cialis has a couple advantages over Viagra: you don't have to take it on an empty stomache, you don't have to completely abstain from alcohol for it to work, and it remains in your system for quite a number of hours - CIalis claims for 36 hours, but their research actually shows up to 48 hours of significant effectiveness. For me, it remains effective for 24 hours at least.
Last, I initially experienced some of the side effects listed, but with continued use these have all gone away. The undesirable side effects, that is; the desirable side effects remain!
jerry1972 replied to Texasred45's response:
I can't try Cialis because I can't afford it. I can only afford Viagra because they have a program for low-income people called Connection to Care. So I get it free.
ErectileDysfunction responded:
You might not be breaking down the drug in your gut. You could also be toxin overloaded and just nead to do a bit of a gentle cleanse to get your body to unload toxic waste so you can absorb the drug better. You could try some natural remedies and see if they work. has a blog with quite a few posts on ED. You could also do a search on

ED can also be a circulatory issue caused by the medications so taking care of that with cleansing or remedies might help - there's a couple of good blog posts at

and WebMD have a good section on lifestyle changes you could try at:
Texasred45 replied to jerry1972's response:
If it's important to you, you can afford it.
I'm sure Cialis' maker has some sort of assistance program for folks with financial issues, but really: Is it important to you?
Don't you think you could afford it if it worked???

What's this hangup people have where they think all their medical care has to be free?
jerry1972 replied to Texasred45's response:
DO you know how much these medications are?? I'm on a fixed-income and don't have the money. Viagra is the only one with a patient assistance program that's why I'm on it. WHat part don't you understand?
ralphie99 replied to jerry1972's response:
Jerry, I have no affiliation with this company other than being a satisfied user. I get ED drugs from generic4all I have been pleased with the meds AND the cost. Best wishes to you.
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
This is a tough one. In my experience the Viagra is the first line drug of choice. If it does not work and others do after you have tried samples, then you have a great case to ask them to cover a second line drug such as Levitra or Cialis. If they cover one then that means they acknowledge that it is medically indicated. Every urologist will tell you that many meds do not work for one guy but another, one may work great. Ask your doctor to challenge the insurance company with a letter explaining that Viagra does not work. Keep rechallenging. many times it is not even a doctor who understands all this that is saying no - it is a nurse reviewer who is paid to say no. There are other options to include vacuum erection devices and penile injection therapies. Talk to your urologist. Good luck.
grey1982 responded:
My husband has tried both, Generic and Brand viagra . Honestly he felt no difference. Later I read that both of them are made with the same license, but in different countries. Of course viagra from India will be twice as cheap despite the fact that it was sent from far away! Pfizer sells their product for a high price not because they want to. They do it because it convinces customers that their products are more safe!
When I realised it we stopped paying twice a much and started to use online shops.
jackcutt responded:
You can try generic Viagra for ED treatment from online Pharmacies This is not more costly than other medication and also it is easy to gain. Try this & .
Try it and give me party after you recovery.
galivantstom responded:
I'm 66 but have ED for 7 years or so. At first I thought performance of some sort. Nope. No morning erection yet, the feeling was there telling me it should be there. I tried Viagra and got the biggest headaches of my life. My urologist, without performing any tests of any kind, gave me a sample of Cialis. Very little help. My GP found my Testosterone to be 369. She says its normal but I'm still asking why and what can I do about? I'm on medicare and it won't cover anything so my cost would be $20 a pop (excuse the play on words). Any thoughts on how to proceed and how do I find a physician specialist?
grey1982 responded:
I recommend as being the best Online Pharmacy for ED Pills
Used it many times and have never had any sort of problems!
Discreet shipping from UK and no prescription needed!!!
froyd39 responded:
I prefer 100mg. I buy the generic without a doctor prescription here if you're curious and I never had a problem with them.

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