need help
An_200461 posted:
hi there people. I am posting this anonymously because I need help with my size down there, if you know what I mean.

i want to increase the size and i read that penis exercises area good way to do that. do you think it is worth trying. i am thinking of using penis advantage website to do the exercises as they seem to have a lot of members who have had a lot of success.

anybody else used their exercises. what results did you get? please let me know.

oliver523 responded:
I hate to tell you this but there IS NO WAY IN HELL that you can make your penis larger. Period. Once the corpus cavenosum has stopped growing thats it. You have what you have and can't have any more. One thing you didn't say what your size is. In an adult the aveage penis lenght is 5.5" to 6.5" Sorry but we are all in the same boat. Oliver PS one member signing a lot of names can make it sound good. Most of the time his or her middle name is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$