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Premature Ejaculaton and super Sexual arousals & Testicular Pain without Sex for 3-4 days.
Ajnabi posted:
Hello there,
I am writing this in good hope that some expert will definately help me with the problem which seems to be unique to me?
Actually, i am 33 years old, and since 20's i have been experiencing problems with my sexual system. Whenever i go on dates with my girlfriend before marriage, and for some reasons when we had casual dates without sex or ejaculation my testes pains a lot. (The pain is some what similar to that if someone kicks you in testes, but to lot lesser degree) Also, during all these times, I had no sex for more then 3 - 4 days prior to sexual arousal without ending in sex. And, during date I would have multiple erections due to touch and urge, but couldn't have sex.
I have been living with this for many years now, and even now after marriage the same problem persists. If i dont have sex with my wife for couple of days and i m looking her or hugging her at bed, it will cause erections and in 2 days my testes will start aches as if wanting to ejaculate or else they will continue to shrinken, hanging and aching.
The condition now has become little worse as masturbating also doesn't helps and it gets satisfies only by sex or if my wife gives me oral.
Also, i can't withhold ejaculation for longer as I m too passionate for sex, and the touch of female genitals and wamth of it don't let me hold for long so i used to masturbate or use anesthetic sprays to stay longer during sex though i have ultra fast erections.
Hence, i m suffering with Premature Ejaculation as well, I suppose.
But, worst i m afraid is that is it normal or something serious like Testicular cancers or something, if they exist.?
Please help.. and don't ask me to see a doctor as its little awkward for me .
Waiting eagerly for experts advise only.../thank you.
Eugenio311 responded:
I'm not sure I qualify as an expert, but both of the problems (aching testicles after a period of high sexual arousal) and premature ejaculation are problems that almost all men experience. Neither one are serious in terms of your longterm health, neither are signs of testicular cancer.

Aching balls are a consequence of blood congestion in the testicles and scrotal structures that happens during high arousal. When there hasn't been relief (via orgasm) it is an uncomfortable, heavy sensation that can be painful, as you describe. Usually masturbation to orgasm will provide relief when having sex isn't possible. Admittedly, masturbation is a poor substitute for sex, but physiologically it should help. If not, I'd recommend wearing compression shorts for at least 24 hours and take Ibuprofen for pain relief.
Premature ejaculation is more difficult to resolve. Masturbation orgasms are strong, because you are totally in control of all the movements to maximize pleasureable sensations, etc. I'd recommend masturbating with a very loose grip, so that it takes a long time to orgasm. Gradually that will re-train the pleasure centers of your brain to enjoy going slower, and sexual intercourse will be more pleasureable for your wife. If you use pornography to masturbate with, I recommend avoiding that as it is the kiss of death to a good, strong sex life with a spouse (that's a separate discussion).

You don't have to see a doctor to learn how to do testicular self-exam every month. There are resources on-line that are very good. Of course, if you find some testicular change that is suspicious, you would need to go to a doctor.

Good luck. You sound like a pretty normal, healthy 33 year old man.


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