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penis size
An_200504 posted:
i am 30 and i have very small penis, approximately 2 inchs not sure why..and need expert suggestion/ideas why my penis size small.

earlier i use masterbaution regularly during bathing /bed
An_200505 responded:
2 inches when hard? you probably have micropenis. not much you can do.
An_200506 replied to An_200505's response:
Thanks for reading my posting.. 2 inch during normal time.when it gets hard 5 inch. is it normal.?
Eugenio311 replied to An_200506's response:
Yes, it is totally normal. What made you think it might not be? It is what you inherited from either your maternal or paternal ancestors, like every other physical trait you have. You're a "grower" and 5 inches is in the "average" range. I guess you'll just have to find something else to worry about!

An_200507 responded:
Man you are normal! I'm like you and so many others 5 and maybe a little more when hard.. i do have a mushroom head which helps rather large around.. i also shave there makes it looks longer.. my lady is satified that's what counts.. to longs is what guys brag about. what i have been reading that actually does not feel all that great- hurts.. stop worrying be happy that you are able to get it up!! ED is not a good thing ..
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
What counts is the erect size, and 5 is normal. Size not erect is not important- you are either a show-er or grow-er.
sr1999 replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
I understand according to studies 5 is normal, but I wonder if with the advent of ubiquitous porn women have become socialized to large penises, just as men have become used to 'perfect' bodies. I don't think that the media acknowledges the effect of porn on women because it is taboo for women to look at porn, but they do too. And it forms their expectations.

My current gf says that average is 7 inches. This is not consistent with the studies I have seen, but apparently reflects her experience (real or imagined). I am at 6.5 and I get all sorts of responses — from too big to too small. I think the averages are meaningless unless you are dating some girl who has had 1015 partners (statistically relevant number). I have 'hit bottom' on some girls and also been left for a guy with a bigger penis.

So after many women and many years, I am less concerned with what I have than getting the media to inject the controversy with some reality. Women are so concerned that the unthinking man thinks every woman is like a supermodel, yet as time goes on, women have a more unattainable vision of men. Not just in the drawers. Most of us could have the body of movie stars if we got paid to work out and nothing better to do as they do.

Our problem is not in reality, it is in perception. We need to get the media to portray the normal guy for what he is. Physically and otherwise.
An_200508 replied to sr1999's response:
see what i mean 6.5 different strokes for different folks (Ladies) it's how u use it i .. Great answer making love is all about making love i'm ok with my 5 sure i wish i was longer but what can i do about it NOTHING . Life is good why worry about something u cannot change. sure big looks good who cares. 143681 enjoy your life and be thankful for what your daddy gave you..

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