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Testosterone therapy not working
ISDPCMAN posted:
I was diagnosed with low testosterone last year on my 50th birthday physical. I felt tired and unmotivated and my libido was practically non existent. After 90 days on Androgel I felt no better.

Three months after being off Androgel I found a clinic specializing in low testosterone and other low hormone issues and began a testosterone injection therapy (my T levels were in the 150 range when I started.) I started with 400 mg of a mix of testosterones (Cypionate, Propionate and Nandrolone Deconate) injected once per week (intramuscular in the glute.) After 4 weeks I still have no noticeable improvements. In addition to the Test the clinic has me on a anti-estrogen regimen (1 mg Anastrozol and Tamoxiphen) This was to help with the side effects of Testosterone injections.

Since there was no noticeable improvement they have increased the dosage to 700 mg taken in two injections per week (i.e. 350 mg every 3.5 days) Now into the third week of that there is no improvement. According to the clinician/counselor monitoring me I should feel like i'm in my 30's! I don't seem to be showing ANY of the effects associated with testosterone therapy. There's no significant weight loss, no muscle gain (that I can see) and no improvement in libido, no aggressiveness or improvement in motivation. In

I am otherwise healthy. I do weight lifting and cardio 2 hours/day 5 days a week (religiously). I have a "reasonably healthy" diet. My cholesterol levels are under 200 (though my low is higher than normal and my high is lower than normal they're not WAY out of range) my BP is 128/82 and my blood sugar levels are just on the border of diabetic (i.e. 129 fasting) but when I test my blood sugar levels 2 hours after a meal they're also in the 125-135 range.

I don't know what else to look at to determine why i'm not responding to this therapy. It's expensive but with what I saw as the end result it was well worth the investment. Unfortunately I'm not realizing those promises.

Is there anyone that can shed light on things that could be causing my resistance to this therapy? My doctors are at a loss.
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:

I'm so sorry to hear about your concern and the money and efforts that you have put in to find no results. Though I am not a medical professional, I would like to help find any information that may help you with your situation. According to WebMD's Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Right for You? , "Karen Herbst, MD, PhD, an endocrinologist at University of California-San Diego, specializes in testosterone deficiency. She estimates about one in 10 men are "ecstatic" about their response to testosterone therapy, while about the same number "don't notice much." The majority have generally positive, but varying responses to testosterone replacement." You are obviously not alone here!

You might consider speaking with your doctor about other various forms of testosterone treatment to attempt as well as the many possible options of ED treatment out at the moment (pump, medication, surgery...). I do hope that you and your physician are able to come up with a solution, so that you are able to enjoy your life to the fullest. Please keep us posted and take care of yourself. I am wishing you the best!
Best Wishes! Amelia
Retiredin2000 responded:
I am in my upper 60s, taking Avodart for enlarged prostate (it works for me), BP & cholesterol meds, and ED was becoming a problem. I found out that my testosterone was low also — "normal for your age" per my primary care MD. Also had "normal" aches & pains — "normal for your age" per my MD.
My wife suggested I go to one of those natural hormone replacement centers, which I did. I am now using Testosterone pellet inserts (about every three months) and the results are unbelievable! They have my "T" at the level it was when I was in my 20s, and I feel like I am in my 30s again, aches & pains are gone, night time erections are back every night, and our sex life is like it was when we were first married! My wife is doing the natural hormone replacement also, so our libidos are both strong. We have been doing this for over 2 years and we both couldn't be more pleased.
The one thing you have to monitor is your Estradiol levels, as your body will convert some testosterone into Estradiol, and too much will kill your libido. They do regular blood tests where I go so we have everything in balance. Of course nothing is covered by insurance so it is expensive — but worth it.
ISDPCMAN replied to Retiredin2000's response:
Just got the blood test ordered Friday. Should know early in the week of this Estradiol level is the issue or not. My therapy counselor said the same thing.

Glad it's working for you, though. I think i'm in the 10% that has a processing problem with this stuff. At the levels that are showing in my blood stream I should be bending steel with my bare hands!
Amelia_WebMD_Staff replied to ISDPCMAN's response:
Any new news from the blood test? Please keep us posted. Wishing you the best!
Best Wishes! Amelia
An_245175 responded:
That's a high dose of testosterone. They absolutely should run blood tests for E2, SHBG, LH, FSH, as well as free and total testosterone.
The normal dose runs from 100 to 200mg testosterone cypionate per week. It may be too much of the aromatase inhibitors, too, though you do need to be concerned about estradiol, expecially with that much testosterone.
Finally, your hemoblogin levels MUST be checked. This can be dangerous with that much testosterone being injected.
It may be a thyroid condition, and not Low T at all.

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