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Erection while sleeping
pet0723 posted:
Recently when I wake up at night, I usually see myself erected. I'd like to know if this is normal. Some says that I get erected during sleep because I am dreaming or fantasying about something sexual. Is this true?
Georgiagail responded:
Yes, this is quite normal.

Julie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Your body continues to function even while you are asleep. Your heart beats even though you aren't thinking about it. Your digestive system processes the food that you've eaten. And your penis gets erect without any input from you.
Gary0329 responded:
This is indeed normal for all men.
swmprat62 responded:
You may only see one erection but you're most probably having 5 or 6 erections during 8 hours of sleep. And one could become a nocturnal ejaculation (wet dream)
skipit88 responded:
I have the same problem. I'm not sure we got the right answers. I find it uncomfortable and sleep is difficult. This can go on for hours ( 4-5 ) sometimes more, is this happening to you?
Sexyguy75 responded:
Its normal. Happens to me at nite as well.
Realmen responded:
Calm down its really normal for out penises to erect in the middle of the night i used to wonder about that but then i had a chat with some of my friends about that and i discovered it happend to them too....... sometimes i get embarrassed when they sleep over and see my penis fully erect through the blanket....... although sometimes it can happen because of your dream depends if you dream about a hot girl or something it will usually be erect. Its almost as if it has a mind of its own lol......
counterso responded:
Nocturnal tumescence (erections while sleeping) occur several times per night in most men. While most men are sleeping and would never notice, you have to understand that the portions of the nervous system responsible for erectile response do not need to interact with the brain, although they can be influenced by the brain.

To be troubled by this completely natural occurrence, or to have it disrupt your sleep indicates more of a psychological concern and obsession or grief (anxiety) around sexual issues. It is not typically a physical concern.

Erections that last continuously for 4-5 hours are a different concern entirely and are considered a medical emergency.
GQ1985 responded:
Yes, I understand it happens several times over during the night. When it stops happening then we can worry!
slight responded:
O to be young again
An_200578 replied to slight's response:
oh come on you guy"s..i love the fact that this happens to my husband once in awhile..i love the midnight passion...and just be happy that it can still happen to you...
gentlegiant48 responded:
yeh its all normal....u could be having sexual dreams or erected of need to go to bathroom.
Nightinggurl replied to Realmen's response:
The subconscious never sleeps, food can trigger erections as well, so food for thought..if you are having lots of erections at night, try to stop eating anything after 6 PM. This should help lower the amount of erections.
Texasred45 replied to An_200578's response:
My gf has noticed this happens, since she's a light sleeper, and she has taken advantage of it, often waking me up so we can put it to good use!
On another occasion, she noticed early one morning that I was partly erected, so she stimulated me by hand without waking me for several minutes, eventually producing a slight emission.
I woke up a little while later wondering what had happened!

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