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Can Something Be Done?
martygraw posted:
I am a diabetic and I'm sure you know the rest of the story. Is there anything I can do in order to get what I had before I became diabetic?
georgiagail responded:
No; we don't know the rest of the story. Please be a little more specific on what you had before you became diabetic.

martygraw replied to georgiagail's response:
Well, I was trying to find out if there is anything I could do in order to gain an erection and once again enjoy sexual
relations with my wife.
martygraw responded:
I have not been able to have sex since the onset of my diabetes and was wondering if there is any way this could be reversed.
oliver523 responded:
I also have diabetes and couldn't get an erection hard enough for pentration. I did the pills. pump and shots. They all worked for a little while and then quit. I finally got a penile implant and it's like I'm a teenager again, but I lost lenght BECAUSE of my choice of Uro. You have to get a good one, and if possable a Uro thats
's a male sexual function specialist. You can get more infromation and ask questions at penile implant at yahoo groups. To get on their blog site send a blank email to To activate your subscription reply to the confirmation message.
You can also go to to read storys about implant. You can also email me at if you want.

martygraw replied to oliver523's response:
Thanks. My wife and I have been discussing it.
oliver523 replied to martygraw's response:
Don't be afraid, ashamed or embarrassed to ask questions. Usualy everyone that has one will be willing to tell you about it. I don't know where you live but one of the higher recomened Uros in the East is Dr. Milam at Vanderbilt, in Nashville, Tenn. If you can't go there try to find a Uro that does some where around 100 implants a year. One of the questions i
I have seen from women is, "is it cold?" No. Another is can someone tell I have one if I go to the gym? There is a 99.9% chance they won't. (unless you walk around all day whith it up) As far as I'm concered I say so what if they know. I had something that broke so I got it fixed, simple as that. If you want to ask me any personal questions feel free to do so. You can use the above email to keep it private. Good luck

NOHARD responded:
I've just got over my ED problem, and sorry I'm not diabetic, I did this with a hormone supplement DHEA, now this has worked for me so far, I a have taken the liberty to look the up under DHEA for diabetics in google, I think this was the best link, but you could read more.
I'm not sure if DHEA can work for you, but I'm just putting forward as info.
Good luck. dhea and diabetic&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk&
oliver523 replied to NOHARD's response:
You have to be VERY carefull taking over the counter drugs, supplements or anything else.. They may have a unfavorable reaction with any Rx drugs. Talk with your Dr or better yet your pharmacist first. I am not suppose to drink anything with grapefruit in it or even Tiyonal (sp. ?)

NOHARD replied to oliver523's response:
I just put forward as an idea, everybody has differant needs and the way we react to drugs and hormons, I put this forward as stated it worked for me, perhaps (not knowing) have you had ED and for me at 63 going on 64, I can tell knocks you back, and Viragra for me was like being a sex machine( did not like being a machine) and being in Greece, the docs here aint that intrested, so did my own reserch and DHEA just kept coming up, so thats why I'm now on DHEA and it works, plus all the other advantages that come with it.
It does have some side effects for some people, but all you do is come off it.
NOHARD replied to martygraw's response:
I forgot to ask is this type 2, because I read resently about people getting over this by simply getting there weight down and keeping to a good diet, get off the alcohol, and doing a good exercise regime, this should get out of D2, but it is a long term thing and a whole new life style, but you should have your sex life back, and your wife will love you for that, trust me.
july1936 responded: is a good place to experience a variety of procedures and outcomes, no pun intended.

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