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Chongkie posted:
I am a 55 years old male and I had my visectomy done 25 years ago. I got remarried and we would likle to have another kid of our own. I have spoken to a few who had done a visectomy and claim they had reverse the procedure. Some were in the mid 30"s and 40"s when they done it. I would like to know if the procedure is really reversable or not. Is it still safe to do this process at my present age and who can do this type of procedure and where can I find a doctor who is experienced well in this field and reliable. What are my chances of survivability and chance to have a child again.
NOHARD responded:
sorry, but if I was you and at 55 its time to start sitting back and enjoy life, by the time you get this reversed and your next child is born, you could be 57, so by the time its 15 your going to be well over 70, and at that age are you going to be able to control a teenager, when the only thing you should be playing with is granchildren, the thing is with granchildren at the end of the day you can give them back.
Sorry this does not anwser the real question, but I think this is a lot nearer realty.
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Chongkie,

I thought that this Vasectomy Reversal Overview may help you towards finding more information.

It does state that:

Reversals are more successful during the first 10 years after vasectomy.1 In general, vasectomy reversal:2
  • Leads to overall pregnancy rates of greater than 50%.
  • Has the greatest chance of success within 3 years of the vasectomy.
  • Leads to pregnancy only about 30% of the time if the reversal is done 10 years after vasectomy.
Please speak to your doctor about this concern to get his/her experienced opinion as well as other options for having children or even adoption.

Wishing you and your family the best!
Best Wishes!
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
As one of a few doctors in the US that specializes full time exclusively in vasectomy reversals I am particularly qualified to comment on this. Couple of thoughts.
1. Your age plays no role whatsoever on reversal success. I have many men in their 50's and even 60's with successful reversals. They consistently tell me it is like the fountain of youth for them- they love being a father again.
2. Being 25 years out is not a problem by top-rated high volume reversal experts. in fact, I have the world record with a successful reversal 42 years from vasectomy! (he now has a 7 year old daughter in the Philippines). Depending on what we find, you can see a success rate of 99% if we can do a vas to vas connection to 90% if we have to do a bypass on both sides. But there is no way to know or predict what you will need. We reviewed several thousand of our own patients and found that for men more than 15 years out, only 17% needed a VE on both sides. Again, we can see these high success rates because reversals are all we do here at ICVR. Urologists that do an occasional reversal will naturally have lower success rates.
3. Chances for pregnancy are directly related to the age, health and fertility of your female partner. Younger women have higher pregnancy rates, as do women who have been pregnant before.
The key is to do your research and find the best microsurgeon you can. And the odds are good you will need to travel. In fact, at our Center, most of our patients come here from every state in the US and from more than 68 countries around the world. You will do well. There is nothing more enjoyable than the joy and happiness that comes from being a Dad.

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