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ED in my head?
helpthiskid posted:
Hi, I'm 18 years old and recently i've been having troubles getting/keeping it up at all. I've been having great sex with my girlfriend for the past 3 months and one night before we were about to do it we had to stop. Ever since then I can barely get the slightest raise to satisfy her. I feel completely guilty because i can tell she feels its her fault. Its been troubling me for the past few days, causing anxiety and such. I've had hernia surgery a year ago and i don't know if it could be linked with it or if its just me. In all seriousness i used to masterbate too much in my younger years of high school and I've read articles how that may be linked... embarrassing i know. Its been 3 days, is this normal or should I be taking a step into the doctors office? please help me out asap
KLur66 responded:
im 20 and ive been going through that exact situation for years and my only answer has been viagra. but if it continues for a few more weeks i would def just sit down with your doctor and see what he says. Sometimes people say its stress or medication. So if you eliminate those things and its still happening i would def talk to your Dr.
helpthiskid responded:
Am I really looking at years of this? when did it start happening for you? I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow, i just don't know how i'll be able to bring it up if my mother's in the room..
MarkNB responded:
Hey Mate,
Well as enjoyable as a good session of masturbating can be, its really not what sex was meant to be. It was meant for two people to enjoy each other, I'm guilty of it as well masturbating when I was your age and now in my mid 40's I believe I'm paying for it at this end. I was married late in life when I was 35, and at first sex was great, we did it where and when we could, but I find as the years went on, I went down hill. One thing to be-careful with about those I call them happy pills, sometimes they don't always work on all guys the same. Me I just got sick on two types they put me on, and so I stopped. One Doctor even sent me to a urologist, and no real answers.
So all in all the only thing I can suggest is don't masturbate no matter how much the erection may hurt, find some other ways to release the tension, if it does feel good. Then maybe your ED will go away........At your age, you should be rock solid, and lasting some time with out those drugs mate. Some days I envy your age group......
helpthiskid responded:
I have an appointment in 45 minutes. Even my morning wood is half way there, I'm really bugging out, I mean I've repressed a lot of stress for the past couple years.. maybe its starting to snap me? When I get my half wood I just get tingling sensations in my fingers and confusion.
KLur66 replied to helpthiskid's response:
just ask your mom to leave the room. relax man these things happen. and im sorry if i got you worried i might just be a freak because of how long its been happening to me but you, stress might be weighing you down. then the erection problem will weigh you down even more.
helpthiskid responded:
thanks, i just can't shake the feeling that i'd rather be hit by a truck.
KLur66 replied to helpthiskid's response:
best of luck to you
abe648 replied to helpthiskid's response:
Let us know how the Doc appt goes so we can help and support you further. God Bless you.

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