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Natural solution for ED?
troutcandy1969 posted:
I'm trying to avoid having the embarrassing conversation with my doctor about my ED problem. I've also read the side effects of the prescribed drugs are pretty common, so I'm considering trying a natural supplement, but there are hundreds available and the reviews are across the board. Do any of you have first hand experience with natural supplements? Which ones work and which ones don't?
JasperW responded:
I can offer my opinion on a natural cure but it's not anything you consume, the penile pump is a good way to help with ED. My doctor actually recommended it to me as Viagra gave me bad headaches the next morning.

The electric ones in the doc's office are very expensive so he gave me the phone number for this place and they set me up with a good pump that's easy to grip. Stay away from the hand bulbs as they are less effective, especially if your ED is from diabetes. Mine works perfectly well and it's all I need to do to enjoy sex with my wife.
nohard responded:
Hi had ED if you look around the web like me the thing that keepd coming up is DHEA, you can read about it on site just put DHEA in the search box and read, that was my first step,and it helped a lot, I'm also on cayenne as this helps your blood, you can read about it on under ED, I also drink erection tea you can read about this on ED forum.and to this I also add some cayenne half a tea spoon. I take this first thing in the morning a nice way to start the day, if you can get any kind of a soft erection you could try a cockring, I got one to help with those times when I cant get a good hard on. got mine from www,, well worth a look at see the 2 vids they mat help you, you could also look on as a place to look for help,
Started my DHEA at 25mg a day now on75mg a day taking 50mg first thing in the morning, got that last bit of advice from a web site on dosage.
Hope this helps Good Luck.
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
Here is my response to another similar question. Natural does not mean safe or appropriate. Anthrax, the plague, killer flus- they are all natural. The ED is often not the problems but a symptom of a deeper problem.
"Once again as with my answers with other posts, please please before you start trying random supplements or herbs or hormones know that his ED may very well have an identifiable and treatable cause! Also know that many time a man's ED is actually the first and early warning sign of something far more dangerous and even life threatening, such as diabetes or small blood vessel damage, the kind that later on causes heart attacks or strokes. You absolutely need to see your primary care doctor for full cholesterol work up, stress echo, vascular evaluation, blood sugar, kidney and liver function testing to name a few. This is not an option. Even if you are otherwise healthy, you need this testing. Then you need to see a urologist as there are some great treatments".
JasperW replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
Thank you Mr. Marks, Your reply is very insgitful. I never looked further into it then just a blood flow problem. I understand how more problems can underlie this seemly simple male sexual health issue. Perhaps a talk with my doctor to make sure every else is flowing fine, not just to the "bottom" half of me but everywhere else too!
Sheldon Marks, MD replied to JasperW's response:
Thank you. Always smart to know what you are treating and why. Just throwing Tylenol at a fever doesn't kill the infection.
nohard replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
Hi Doc, but sorry you have got it so wrong, I think first you need to back to your roots of medicine, it started with herbs, roots, berry's and leaves and don't forget the good old leach, its funny how the leach is now at the forefront of medicine again.
People come on this site for at most free advice or get away from drugs or the big expense of US doctors and hospitals.
So if me on anyone else and that includes you, can point them to a place or web site that can help, I don't think I have ever said take this or that, I have always said you can try something but read about it first so they know what it can or cant do, and its side effects.
Marky46975 replied to JasperW's response:
I would like to ask JasperW ,or anyone else, to share some info from when they started using their vacuum pump. I have only had my pump for a short time and have been using it daily for a few minutes as a therapy and recovery move. Here's what I am observing.. Under vacuum I completely fill the diameter of the tube. This is more diameter than I remember having in my younger years. My length under vacuum is about half what it was in days gone by. The vacuum feels like it is pulling very hard on the head of my penis, almost painful even. Of course I stop pumping at that point and hold that vacuum level. Does this sound similar to your (or anybody else reading this) experience with this type of device?
JasperW replied to Marky46975's response:
It's natural for the diameter to be larger when you're using the pump. This is where the term "penis enlargement" comes from (yes you will get a bigger penis - only while you're using the pump).

As for pain, it's not supposed to hurt but from my conversations I know that it's possible to feel like a strong pressure especially on the head. Maybe Dr. Sheldon Marks can elaborate this but my knowledge is that it's normal and you'll get accustomed to it. Also pumping slower will help. Alternatively you can try switching out your sleeve for a better one that is more loose and allows all your penis to experience the vacuum more evenly.
Marky46975 replied to JasperW's response:
Torcal replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
Dr. Marks,

You stated that "[t>hen you need to see a urologist as there are some great treatments." What are they? Urologists seem to be at a loss for novel thinking.
hebertad replied to nohard's response:
I agree mostly what NOHARD. I have been having ED since I was 48, now 60. I have been tested for low T, not low. I have been to a urologist and all I get is an offer for Viagra pills. They do work for me but it doesnt help with the low libido. I have been tested by a cardiologist for any vascular or heart problems, there are none. I understand what you are saying about ED could be leading to other isssues but I dont seem to have any other problems. So yes, those of us in my category do ask, is there a male supplement that we can take that would give us virility and and help with ED???
nohard replied to hebertad's response:
Have a good look on theres lots to read on the ED forum, you can find out about cayenne, erection tea, you can read about the 5G's even just adding garlic to your diet may help, these are just simple things, and some are working for me.
Good Luck
JasperW replied to hebertad's response:
"male supplement that we can take that would give us virility"

You may want to look into aphrodisiac foods, there is some merit to it like extra zinc for example. A good search will certainly turn up tons of ides and recipes.
JasperW replied to hebertad's response:
To quote " I understand what you are saying about ED could be leading to other isssues but I dont seem to have any other problems. So yes, those of us in my category do ask, is there a male supplement that we can take that would give us virility and and help with ED???"

I think looking into acupuncture may help. This may be slightly off topic but it's related somewhat - I know a woman who is infertile and she went through ever test and there is no problem with her body at all. It's an unknown occurrence.

I really see the same thing happening to men wot ED, having it for unexplained reasons. This proves we as humans don't know as much about or bodies as we think! Acupuncture is one of those mysterious solutions that really work for some people.

I know some friends who had it for arthritis and it really worked. I don't see why it can't help with erectile dysfunction. In conjunction with penile pumps and vacuum therapy I wonder if this mix would work.

If you ever try this, please come back on here with an update I'd love to hear if your erectile dysfunction is under control.

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