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Having trouble achieving orgasm.
An_244449 posted:
Hi everyone, I am 43 M about 240LBS 6'0"[br>I am currently having a great amount of trouble achieving an orgasm with or without a partner. I can get a full erection and I can feel like I may want to finish up, but out of nowhere, I either get very winded or I have to stop all together and try later. With a partner it's difficult because it's not easy to finish, it used to be this way with a partner, but now even when I "take care of myself" trying to reach an orgasm is an extremely difficult effort and if I in fact DO finish, I feel like I just ran 30 miles. This has just RECENTLY started happening and I do take some meds to help me sleep, but I have been on them for at least 8 years.[br>[br>This is very difficult and I am about to give up, I have to hold my breath and work exceptionally hard in order to finish. This is very discouraging and I would appreciate and any all input.[br>[br>These problems may seem rather humorous but they are NOT when it happens.[br>I will be seeing a doctor about it, I am not sure what it is, but hope to get some answers to correct this issue.[br>Thank you I am guessing it is a combination of weight and/or the medication I take to help me sleep...[br>Seroquel...
I am becoming very discouraged by this and losing interest in sex.
Thank you.
ShirtPants responded:
What type of doctor would even address these concerns? I wish I knew where to start.
georgiagail responded:
From your description, you seem to be carrying quite a bit of weight. At 6 feet of height, a healthy weight would likely be more in the 180 to 200 pound range. It doesn't appear that you cannot reach an orgasm but rather that you "run out of steam" prior to being able to do this.

Try dropping 20 pounds as see if this improves things. It should.

nohard responded:
OK the first thing you need to do is to start losing weight, and get off any fast foods or junk foods, you need to get yourself in control, try for now to forget about sex, we need toget your life tgether, yes and I know you have heard all this before, but for you my friend this is going to be your life from now on and thats the way its got to if you want to run that 30 miles, for every 10 pounds you lose your dick gains 1/2 an inch so that cant be bad reason to lose some weight.
Remember we get one life and one dick, and the problem is that they both need to work in sync, I do hope you are with so far, try this it will help clean your blood garlic and cayenne, but on alternate days, take a whole head of garlic and chop fine, mix with olive oil and parsly, take 3 small spoonfuls morning and lunch before you eat, cayenne (very good for your blood) mix with tomato paste and olive oil, again take as above and wash these down with water and just do this monday to friday and take to days off, dont forget to get yourself on a good diet, eat healthy.
The cayenne and garlic will help get some heat down below and also help open up your viens, you can read up about these by just googling them.
See ho wyou go and just keep off sex for a while.
Good Luck
nohard responded:
Look sorry but there is a couple of things I missed to get healthy, the first if you smoke? Then it needs to go and kick the habit,. I know its hard but I did it, and second yes the old alcohol, with the smoking out the door they both need to go, these will give you a big help.
I'm going to give you some links to follow on cayenne and garlic,
These 4 links make for some good reading.
The garlic and cayenne, you need to rotate these week in week out, the idea for only doing 5 days on and 2 off is to make them work better for you, this is done by giving the body a rest.
ShirtPants replied to nohard's response:
I have started taking L-Arginine for the male issues, and I am taking Curcumin/Green Tea and Reservatrol in order to get the weight down. I do not smoke or drink, but my diet is atrocious. I know I need to make better choices but I do eat out a lot which makes it even more difficult....
nohard replied to ShirtPants's response:
So ok we have got it down to a very bad diet, look if you can manage it there is a 7 day diet called the cabbage diet, ok you may think cabbage, but beleave me it will do you good and you only need to get your head around for seven days, but I always do 8, the main thing you do is a big pot of mixed veggies, which a part of it will be cabbage, but the rest is any kind of veggies you want except peas and beans, with lots of chopped tomatos and pissata, its a heathly 8 days, ok my 8 day is the first.
Now you can Google it and do it as they say, its simple, and you should lose 10 pounds, then just eat healthy for the next 7 days and do it again, then take a 2 week break, there some people who will say its a no no, me I did last year to get over ED and I did lose the weight and I'm now in recovery, and I'm now coming up to 65 years of age, and I'm back to a good sex life, so is this what you want?
Good luck

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