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women dealing with ed with their partner
t_5456_k posted:
I'm 41 and my partner of 4 years is 45. He had a mild stroke they called it, about 6 months ago, and can still get and hold an erection, but its alot less frequent than before. I'm having a real hard time not feeling rejected and unwanted. Its making me sad and frustrated. I'm trying so hard to be understanding that things wont be the same as before. (we use to have sex about every other day before) I dont know how to help, if i even can help. Its been the cause of a couple fights now. I told him theres other ways to please me other than penetration but he doesnt do any of them. I'm really frustrated and its making me sad. I'd like to hear what other women have to say about this, if they can relate.
dfromspencer responded:
Sorry, i am not a woman, or a Dr. I have suffered with ED for many, many years now. And i'm only 53. It sounds like your partner needs to see a urologist? There may be some underlying problem here? It could be serious! Also, he may be a good candidate for testosterone therapy? Have his levels checked. I get all the help i need with levitra, hey, it works for me! Talk to him about it. If you two are commited to one another, he will understand, and want to do everything he can. Good luck! Dennis
topcop2003 responded:
Hi, I am not a woman but can totally relate to your issue(s). First off, I don't think that this is "SERIOUS" like Dennis wrote so don't freak. The reason I don't think it is serious is because you wrote he "can still get and hold an erection, but its alot less frequent than before". The fact that he CAN get and HOLD an erection is great. Dennis is right on the money with "LOW T". I am 50 and in decent shape, and I had a scare that the doctors said was "like a stroke" July 4th 2011 when my BP went very high and I was in the hospital on an IV of NITROGLYCERIN for two days. My stress test was normal and I was released. They said my BP went very high because of the Zyrtec-D and Sudafed I was taking for a cold. I also have Type ll Diabetes and take Metformin. Since that time, I have noticed the same thing. I went to my doctor and my TESTOSTERONE level was very very low because of an opiod pain med I had taken for months before and after my third back injury. The doctor gave me the NEW Androgel 1.62 testosterone gel and by day three, my girl friendn locked herself in the guest room because I would be woken up at 4:00AM very erect. By day six, we would spend Saturday in bed all afternoon. After my levels came up, I was back to my old self and I slowed down on the "love gel" because it started to be a pain in the neck (and elsewhere) when I would be reading a legal brief for work at my desk, and be bothered by an erection. I now have her give me a shot in the back-side twice a month that the doctor felt would keep my levels normal. On Friday mornings before the weekend, I use the gel on my arms & shoulders when I know we might want a fun weekend together. IT WORKS, FORCE HIM TO GO TO SEE HIS DOC AND DISCUSS LOW "T". Almost every male goes through this issue! DON'T BE SCARED OR SHY! Also he can ask the doctor for a prescription for Viagra 50mg. It allows the blood to flow better to the penis and helps keep him harder longer. I promise you will have him back. As far as your other comment "theres other ways to please me other than penetration but he doesnt do any of them", you are going to have to teach him how to please you. I assume he doesn't like to go down on you and please you orally. How sad, maybe he doesn't know how to, so tease him and teach him how you like it. Show him what makes you explode, and maybe he soon will surprise you! PLEASE force him to see his doctor and he will discover a new found sex life in the 50's. Good Luck!
nohard responded:
Hi again not a women, gee us men get everywhere, the first thing you should really do is tell him that you are out there looking for help for both of you, and your fist stop is here.
OK if this helps I'm just coming up to 65 and in the last 18 months have had ED, yes now in recovery and done it all with herbs and hormons, look I'v just done a post on under genral discussions titled DRUGS VERSUS HERBS, HERBS MY CHOICE, all I can say is give it a read and if you both like what you see give it a try, all that I have put into it can be checked out, there are so many things not drug related that can help with ED, then all drugs for ED come from herbs or roots and flowers, a lot of people forget this.
Good Luck
t_5456_k replied to dfromspencer's response:
Thank you for your insite. I appreciate your input even if it is from a man's point of view. Thanks again!
t_5456_k replied to topcop2003's response:
Thank you for your insite. I appreciate any information or tips that could help. Thank you!
t_5456_k replied to nohard's response:
Thank you for taking time to reply to this matter. I appreciate any suggestions or tips that might help. Thanks again!
t_5456_k replied to t_5456_k's response:
For the few that posted comments on my original paragraph, my partner and I broke things off. Once again we got into another argument about his ed and he wouldnt talk to me about it and left. I cant understand whats going on with his body if he doesnt talk to me. During foreplay he'd be touching himself but when i tried doing it he'd push my hand away. Its really difficult to not take this personally. I just wish he wouldve been more open so maybe I can help or understand in any way possible.

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