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somethin's wrong..
An_245118 posted:
well, i have a list of problems.. i am currently 28 and this has been going on for a while. i cant keep an erection hardly at all, and when i do, i often get fatigued and just fake it to quit. it feels good, but i get tired. when i do climax, i dont ejaculate. i also have real low libido, or maybe i'm just shy..

anyone have anything that would help me?
dfromspencer responded:
Dont have much to go on. But here goes... Do you exersize? Do you eat healthy? Are you interested enough in having sex? All that aside, have you seen a Dr.? That is always the first thing you should do, especially when it comes to having sex!

There are different reasons for different problems. You could be suffering from low testosterone? The easily fatigued part scares me a little. You could have some underlying health problem? Not to alarm you, but it could have to do with blood flow? Or, it could be a lack of exercise/healthy diet?

And as for the no ejackulation, I've heard that could be nothing? But why take chances? Go see your DR.!!!

Good luck, and keep us informed! Dennis
nohard responded:
You've not said but are you over weight, do just love fast food, drink a few beers a night, then there your problems straight out, text book ED and it will just get worst, but you have a way out.
Start to eat healthy, get on a good diet, get out and exercise, walking swimming are the best and the cheapest things you can do.
So you are poberly down on your testostrone as well as your libido, and sounds like you energy levals are down as well, you could try some DHEA but please read up about it first, there some good things to read here on site, just put in there search box, you could back this up with some Tribulus, both of these will boost your libido, testostrone and your energy levals, you could also try taking some cayenne, garlic and ginger, these 3 will help clean your blood and help open up your viens, so help your erections, may even help kick start your ejeculations as well, all these you can google as well by just adding ED on the end for info.
Good Luck
An_245118 replied to nohard's response:
Thanks for your replies, first off.

To answer your questions, I dont really have time to exercise. i work a very demanding job - 12 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week. I dont really eat all that healthy either. I've heard salads are healthy, but not when you get them from mcdonalds?

i am 6'2, 210 lbs. wouldn't say i'm overweight, but a medical test would probably say otherwise. i drink on the weekends, and smoke ciggarettes.

I will try what you said with the cayenne and garlic, ive actually heard about that. I also read low vitamin D could be the problem? Maybe ill make a garlic/cayenne milk shake...

Thanks y'all. I'll update with anything i find out.
georgiagail replied to An_245118's response: time to exercise but enough time to drink on the weekends and smoke cigarettes. You don't have a low libido, you're not shy. You're out of shape and run out of steam before reaching a climax.

Imp35 responded:
I am experiencing the very same symptoms and then some. However, it's somewhat expected at my age (77). While I more or less expected the sexual disfunctions, I did not expect all the other symptoms that I attributed to other causes, i.e., hot flashes, insomnia, weakness, etc. -- it goes on and on. In any event, I have completed extensive research and now know it's all attributable to low testosterone (more like "no" testosterone). I also know that it is not unusual for men in their 20's to experience the same problems with varying symptoms. I am currently being treated & expect to be chasing young women very shortly -- or hope so anyway. I suggest that you see your GP initially and obtain a blood test to check out your testosterone level. If it's low go to an expert to determine the cause. Don't waste time with your GP as low T has a number of causes , some of them very serious. The expert I am referring to is an endocrinologist, a doc who specializes in the indocrine system (hormones). I also suggest that you avoid all supplements promising fantastic results as they are unregulated by the FDA and you never know what's really in them. Good luck with you quest & hope you'll be chasing the ladies soon. (You probably only need a shot of testosterone to get you off and running!)

out an endocrinologist
fitman31601 replied to georgiagail's response:
I agree 100%!
An_245118 replied to georgiagail's response:
I work 12-14 hours a day, usually 7 days a week. When I get a day off, exercise is the LAST thing on my mind. All I do when I get off work is sleep, then wake up, then go back to work.
deadmanwalking57 replied to An_245118's response:
You need to re-organize part of your day.

If you have a physical job, rest more on breaks.
Desk job, then get off your butt and go for a walk every break.

Eating healthy is easy. You're just too hard-headed to care. Make up some salmon spread with pesto sauce, and take a loaf of whole wheat bread to work, and a few pieces of fruit. No burgers.

I'm 59, had emergency bypass surgery and lived to tell the tale BECAUSE of my exercise. No ED at all. More trouble finding an older woman who has enough libido for me.

Or keep up what you are doing, and you may as well have your testicles removed, since you already gave them to the cigarette and junk food people.
BaneWay responded:
there is nothing to wrry about this problem. with a little change in lifestyle and help with medicines it can go away. eat healthy and exercise. for meds try Levitra

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